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So I’m a couple of weeks late to write this post, but Jo from The J’s Blog tagged me for this award, and I’m immensely honoured. No kidding, my heart skipped a beat. Before I jump into the tag itself, I want to say how lovely an idea I think this particular tag is. While I don’t speak German myself, my German friend after asking him told me that “liebster” in German translates to mean “sweetheart” or “darling”, which to me makes this tag seem all the more cute, loving and honouring to be tagged by another blogger in the community. It really gives the feeling of doing something kind and supportive for others.

So what does this tag require me to do? In a nut shell, I’ve already started it off by thanking J who tagged me, because who wouldn’t thank someone for being so kind to them? And below I’m going to answer a set of questions she has set for myself and others she has tagged. After that, I’m meant to tag some other blogs I think would appreciate the award and provide them with a set of 11 questions of my own. So… Let’s get started! Here are my questions to answer:

1. Why did you start your blog?

Hmm, I started my blog a couple of years ago after starting a blog on here for one my social media modules for university and although those posts were lost in the void, I did enjoy the process of writing blog posts and decided to create this blog as a hobby. And to this day I still love it!

2. If you were stranded on an island with only one beauty/makeup item what would it be?

Does the fact I live in the UK count? But no, I don’t really understand why I would have makeup with me on an island, but for the sake of not playing devil’s advocate, I would say my trusty eyeliner. I don’t mind showing off my imperfections and if stuck on an island at least I can use it like a marker and doodle on my body when I’m bored. I really don’t know how to answer this one, hehe.

3. What is your favourite Disney character?

Oh wow. That’s a tough one. I love Disney for their admirable characters even if they not likeable – you know like the villains that you don’t like, but they have the qualities that make sense that they’re doing what they’re doing for their own justified reasons and such? I’m going to answer this question in a way that I relate to this character really well, and this would be Belle. I relate to her as someone who has always felt like an outsider. As someone who fits in the beauty blogging community but also the gaming community too, I feel like I’m somewhere in between two worlds so Belle’s journey to be accepted by those around her is something I relate to.

4. Where do you want most to travel, but have never been?

For most of my teenage years I was set on travelling to Japan to live/work there. That’s a plan that has since changed, but my desire to go there hasn’t gone away. My family even joked I would enjoy it there to a point I would marry a Japanese man and have a little family with that person. Hmm, perhaps not? Hehe.

5. What is your favourite drink?

I really enjoy teas. So British I know, in my head I hear my friends on Twitch groaning, but I am one of those Brits that lives up to the stereotype. I love normal black tea with milk, mint teas, and green teas with herbal infusions. But you also can’t go wrong with hot chocolate now the weather is gradually getting colder.

6. What are your three items of clothing that are essential in your winter wardrobe?

Some sort of hoodie or sweater for starters, so that’s one. I live in skinny jeans year round so that’s two, and then if I’m indoors, some thick cosy socks for my feet since my circulation is terrible and since I’m pretty small, I get cold easily. Honestly, comfort over fashion every time. *grins*

7. What is your favourite YouTuber?

For many years now I’ve been watching Lindy from Bubzbeauty and her beauty videos and vlogs on her vlogging channel. I’ve watched her grow as a young woman who has since gotten married and had a child, as well as balancing it with her YouTube career and making the hard decisions about what’s best for her and her family. For that reason, I really admire her since she works so hard to handle the struggle of work and family life and keeping it all in check. All under the sometimes harsh gaze of her massive viewer base who while supportive also aren’t afraid to make their opinions about her choices known. I’m a passive viewer of her videos, but she’s someone I respect so I would say she’s my favourite.

8. What is your biggest success up to now?

Hmm… This is a question where I have to tell myself not to be too harsh a critic of myself. I think I’m going to keep it simple and say my degree is my biggest success. Just because the journey has been one of the most challenging of my life so far, and my degree in English and Contemporary Media accommodated topics I’m very passionate about.

9. How would your friends describe you?

I’m going to base this off my Twitch friends since they’re the friends I talk to most, but they seem to share the view that I’m compassionate and loyal even to a fault. Honestly, these are qualities about myself I’m really happy about and for once I’m not saying “n-no, you’re wrong!”, insert blushing, etc.

10. What does your perfect day look like?

For me, a relaxed day where I can catch up on a TV show or play games is perfect to me. Or if I’m home alone I’ll sing along to music and exhaust my voice. Usually I love to stream in the evenings on Twitch, so that had to be a part of the perfect day too! I’m blessed with a lovely supportive community of friends, and streaming for and with them is really fun.

11. If you could anything you wanted right now, what would it be?

One thing I’ve always wanted since getting involved in my Twitch community is the ability for us all to get together and hang out, even if it’s just once. I love my friends to pieces so that’s one thing I want most. It’s a pipedream really, but something I would love anyway.

So that was my 11 questions to answer! A couple of them really made me think and it was a lot of fun to write and now it’s my turn to pass on this tag. I want to open this up to anyone who wants to write this tag, since it’s a great chance to open up a bit, and here are the questions I’ll leave for you guys.

1. What inspired your blog name?

2. What are your aspirations for the future? (This can be blogging related or not.)

3. What’s your favourite part of the blogging world?

4. Do you have a hobby or passion people may not expect about you?

5. What’s your favourite beauty item? (For example, do you like eyeliners or mascara a, or are you a serum hoarder, etc)

6. Which step in your beauty routine do you feel particularly good at?

7. Is there something on your beauty Wishlist you want to try or have more than anything else?

8. What’s your favourite thing to do in your downtime?

9. Is there someone who inspires you more than anyone else?

10. If you enjoy listening to music, is there an artist that really stands out to you right now?

11. Is the a skill or trick you really want to learn but haven’t gotten around to yet?

Those are my questions, and if you decide to answer them, I’d love it if you dropped me a comment so I can read your answers. Everyone’s so different and unique that I am super curious about what you have to say.

I want to thank J again for tagging me, and apologise again for taking so long to write this post. I guess I’m still very distracted and lazy, oops! But back to the normal routine again! Seriously!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means the world to me, and would love to read any comments or thoughts you have. So you can check out my social media if you’d like. My Twitter handle has changed so if you want to follow me on Twitter, I now use the handle @HollypopNation, and I will fix my Twitter icon link very very soon. I would love to chat so don’t be afraid to tag me in a tweet.

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