Spring and Summer Go-To Lipsticks – 2019:

Spring and Summer Go-To Lipsticks - 2019

Happy bank holiday and start to the week! Kicking off with a very hot day here in the south west of England (it’s been as hot as 26C today with 40%-ish humidity…), I want to continue my Go-To product series, this time featuring lip products. I have more lip products on the go than I’d prefer – ideally I’d like to have four lip products at a time, but I’m also testing formulas at the moment so this may be subject to change.

The acrylic organiser you see above is one I picked up in TK Maxx from the brand Precision Beauty, but you can find similar styles on Amazon or eBay. It’s also worth looking at your local Primark store as well, as they’re selling acrylic organisers in various styles, including acrylic drawers I recently added to my vanity.

The compartments my lipsticks also fit a lot of standard sized and shaped nail polish bottles as well, but as I don’t use nail polish anymore, this is purely a home for my lip products. As you can see, but pencil style products like you see on the top row, it’s not as conveniently sized or pretty, but I like to have them leaning in the same direction and it looks more coordinated. I reserve the front row for lip products I’m testing, which I purposely left empty today, as they’re not part of my go-tos. Without further ado though, let’s jump in:

Spring and Summer Go-To Lipsticks - 2019

My top row is made up of my pencil/stick style lip products, with a mixture of cruelty-free and non-cruelty-free that are from my stash before I went actively cruelty-free. These are the products I’ll likely use less often, as I prefer the conventional bullet lipstick, but for reasons I’ll explain for each product, there are factors that draw me in to them.

Spring and Summer Go-To Lipsticks - 2019

Starting with the non-cruelty-free products, we have L’OREAL Infallible Matte FX Lip Colors. The packaging themselves don’t feature the product’s name, so this took a bit of searching to find the name. Now that I’ve found the name, I will review these in the future, just in case these are still available somewhere on the market. Again I want to emphasise that if you are also pursuing cruelty-free cosmetics, L’OREAL currently isn’t a cruelty-free brand, but if that’s not part of your criteria, then that review will be for you.

The concept of the product is it’s a powder-matte product that creates a really matte-blurred effect. If you’ve been reading my blog for a little while, you may have caught me mentioning that I really like the blurred matte lip look at the moment, so I pulled these out of my stash to experiment with how that look works on me.

So the shades I own are ‘007 Say My Name‘ and ‘004 Oops I Pink It Again‘ respectively. ‘007 Say My Name‘ is a warm red, and a bit out of my comfort zone. I typically prefer cool-toned reds, but as I’m trying this shade out from time to time, the warm tone feels especially spring and summery to me. I definitely feel more confident in a cool-tone in most colours, but it’s fun pushing myself out of my comfort zone from time to time. This is a shade that I can see myself wearing on the rare chance I have a special event the colour is appropriate for, so I don’t expect to use this specific shade up.

004 Oops I Pink It Again‘ is one I’m still testing with overall makeup looks, but it’s a cool-toned medium pink. This is a shade that to me seems more autumn and winter themed, but because it’s a matte formula, it’s a texture I think will work best in the warmer and more humid weather. For that reason I’m keeping this out to see if I can make some soft spring or summer looks with this shade regardless.

Next we have the MUA Super Stylo Satin Finish Lipstick, in the shade ‘World Class‘. This is a warm-pink that fits in the medium-pink range, and is close to my natural lip colour, but slightly warmer. This is another product I want to review in full at a later date, but I’m loving it so far. It’s a very creamy product with high opacity, and I like it best when I blot down with a tissue to get a lighter feel on my lips. It’s a beautiful satin-matte finish when blotted down as well, which is another lip look I adore right now. I haven’t experimented a ton with created a blurred lip look, but it’s something I’ll make sure to mention when I eventually review this lip product.

The last lip pencil is a bit out of my comfort range, which the GOSH Forever Lip Shine in the shade ‘008 Spring Fling‘. This is a product I’m still deciding on, as it’s a shinier, almost gloss-like finish but without the stickiness. So far I like it best when trying to make a really gradient lip with it. I find at full opacity all over the lips it’s a bit too intense for me, but as I said, I just need to play with it some more.

The shade itself a pinky-red and really screams “spring” to me. At full intensity it could be the focus of a makeup look, but as a gradient or blended lip, I think it could be a soft and flattering accompaniment to a neutral or slightly pink-themed makeup look.

Spring and Summer Go-To Lipsticks - 2019

The second row is made up of my conventional bullet lipsticks, and these are the products I reach for most often. I find these are typically more travel or makeup-bag friendly compared to my longer tube/pencil style lip products, which are sometimes too bulky. I love how these look on my makeup stand as well.

Spring and Summer Go-To Lipsticks - 2019

The first lipstick is the GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick, which I own in the shade ‘002 Matt Rose‘. This shade for me is as close to a perfect ‘my-lips-but-better’ as I’m likely to ever find, as it’s a cool-toned pink that sits between light and medium in tone. This is the lipstick I reach for the most, as it’s easy to apply and makes my lips look polished but natural.

I own two other shades from the Velvet Touch line, so I plan to review the three shades together. I love the the satin-matte finish, as it applies beautifully over moisturised lips. This is the shade I reach for when I make trips into the city centre, and want to feel a bit more put-together without drawing attention to myself. It’s a shade that could be easily over-looked, but is secretly pulling a makeup look together.

Ultimately this isn’t a spring or summer themed shade in itself, but because it works year round for me, it gives me room for comfort.

Spring and Summer Go-To Lipsticks - 2019

I recently discovered that Boots’ own-brands are cruelty-free, which is include the brand No7. In my mind, No7 sits in the cheaper end of the luxury cosmetics market, and was one I nervously shied away from for years. However, after using my Boots points to buy one lipstick, I fell in love.

Both shades you see above are from the No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick line, in the shades ‘Spring Fling 320‘ and ‘Soft Earth 700‘ respectively as you see them above. I initially picked up ‘Spring Fling 320‘ with my Boots points as a treat for myself after a period of stress and anxiety, and I fell in love with how it looked on my lips. It’s a very soft approachable light-medium pink. It’s a bright pink without being intimidating with a satin-finish that makes me feel very glamorous. It’s the ideal spring shade in my eyes.

Soft Earth 700‘ is a warmer pink with browner tones in it, which makes it feel very autumnal to me. However, there’s enough pink to it that it could be a warmer pink for summer for those more earthy makeup looks or subtle neutral looks. It’s the newest shade to me, and one I’ve worn once so far, but the formula keeps me hooked. This is a shade that may get moved to my benched makeup products box, but for now I’m having fun experimenting with it.

This is a lipstick line that has me craving more colours, but the £10.00 retail price keeps me in check. I’d check them out when there’s a 3 for 2 offer though. I can’t get enough of these lipsticks.

Spring and Summer Go-To Lipsticks - 2019

Lastly, we have a non-cruelty-free product: which is the Rimmel Moisture Renew Sheer & Shine Lipstick, in the shade ‘300 Pink Rules‘. This is the brightest pink in my collection right now, and definitely screams spring and summer for me. On moisturised lips this applies more sheer and ‘safe’ for me, and has a slightly deeper pay-off on my pigmented lips. It’s a very cute colour, but it’s a product that will always be one I’m nervous to use simply because I’m the self-conscious sort.

And this concludes the lip products I’ll be reaching for throughout spring and summer this year! It’s a lot of products, but lip products alongside eyeshadows, is a category I allow more room for variety for. I will be reviewing most of these products as time goes on and I develop experience with them. I do have a couple of other lip products that are potential go-tos, so they may be added over time, or take another product’s place, but we’ll see how things go.

Thank you for taking time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support! I hope you have had a restful bank holiday weekend, and that you are happy and healthy.

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