Review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser

The Body Shop is in my opinion a go to shop if I’m looking for reliable yet affordable products. I also love that they don’t harm animals when making their products. So buying their products gives me the peace of mind that what I’m buying is worth my hard earned money, but equally importantly the ethical attitudes. I picked up this product because of my oily skin, which needs multiple products to control the excess oil throughout the day.


The Pore Minimiser is available at £7.50, however if you have a rewards card with The Body Shop, you can get a 10% discount at £5 a year (you save money very quickly if shop a few times throughout the year). Since I have a rewards card with The Body Shop, I was able to take advantage of the discount, which is great for a student budget like mine.

The product itself fits with The Body Shop’s anti-blemish range with green packaging and aims to minimise the appearance of pores, mattify the skin and claims to also work as a makeup base.


I use the product after my cleanser and serum, and before I put on my moisturiser. The product is gel-like in consistency and very light on the skin, which I like since I don’t like the feeling of having a thick layer of product on my face. It absorbs within a couple of minutes, which is useful when in a rush, which if you find it hard to get out of bed in the morning like me, is a great factor.

Since it’s still reasonably cold in the UK at the moment, I only used this on my T-zone area, since although my cheeks get oily, my moisturiser aimed for oily skin is usually enough to control it. However, my T-zone is a bit more problematic to handle. During the summer months when I first bought it, I used it all over the face.

I noticed that using this product it has helped to control the oil on my face for a bit longer than before I started using it. On a normal day in uni, my face only starts to look and feel shiny after around 4 hours, when normally my skin gets oily after around an hour and a half to 2 hours. I also like that it hasn’t over dried my skin like some cleansers and serums for oily skin can, which in my experience only makes my oily skin worse.

I can’t say it has made my pores look smaller, but this hasn’t been an issue for me personally. Although I have reasonably large pores, most of the time people think they look like faded freckles and its only when you look up close or if I tell them that they know they’re actually my pores. However if you are more concerned about your pores this may not work in your favour.

While I haven’t used the pore minimiser as a makeup base, I can agree that it can be used a base if your skin isn’t extremely oily. My own judgement would be that if you do have very oily skin, using the pore minimiser alongside another makeup primer after your moisturiser can work together so makeup lasts longer.

I also like that the tea tree in the product hasn’t irritated my skin so far. I have tried other products which use tea tree and it caused my skin to turn red and in more extreme cases develop minor rashes where my skin is also slightly sensitive.

Overall, the Tea Tree Pore Minimiser is a nice product which works well for oily skin and slightly sensitive skin. It makes my skin feel fresh for slightly longer than normal, so I’m not worrying about it as much as I used to. While I don’t use it as a primer, it can definitely work as one if experiment with how your skin reacts. I feel like every penny spent is well worth it, and will definitely repurchase after I finish testing other products like this one.

Have you tried the pore minimiser? Did you like it as well? Or if you haven’t, are you considering buying it? I would love to hear your opinions.

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