Review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil 10ml

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

Happy Wednesday! Today I want to talk about a skincare product that’s been a bit of an unsung hero in my skincare routine, which is the The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil. As you can likely tell, I have the older packaging once again, and this is the smaller 10ml bottle. This has sat with my skincare for several months now, and I use this every night at the end of my night time skincare routine.

If you’re curious what this product looks like in their newer packaging, check out this link here. So let’s begin with the claims, which I’ll be quoting from the same page I just listed:

“Battle blemishes with our iconic Tea Tree Oil. We sustainably steam-distil our tea tree leaves within 12 hours of harvest, so we can bottle our purest, most potent oil. With its powerful, purifying properties, our Tea Tree Oil is great for quick application to help reduce blemishes.

  • 100% vegan

  • Enriched with Community Trade tea tree oil from the foothills of Mount Kenya

  • Our 20ml bottle is packed with the oil of 15,000 tea tree leaves

  • Suitable for blemished skin”

To summarise, the tea tree oil is aimed at blemished skin to purify the skin and help tackle acne. As someone with oily-sensitive skin, this is a product that made me excited and scared at the same time. Having intermittent issues with acne and long-term issues with excess oil, this is the kind of product that on paper promises to help with a skincare issue that has driven me crazy since my teens. On the other hand, my skin is also in the sensitive side, and oils like this one can be overstimulating and make skin break out, irritated, etc. So when I started using this product, I did so with some hesitation. I’ve tried other products from the tea tree line in the past, including the Tea Tree Pore Minimiser, which I reviewed in my earliest days of blogging here. My experience has been really hit or miss, which has added to my hesitation.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

The packaging itself is relatively simple, a small bottle with a white twist cap which is reminiscent of medicinal caps: where you need to pinch two ‘sides’ of the cap together and then twist to open it up. The green and white colour palettes for the packaging is really iconic of the tea tree and medicinal vibes I get from this product and the line itself, so I think The Body Shop hit the nail on the head in terms of design.

To dispense the product, you turn the bottle upside down and the dropper you see from the top will let individual drops of oil pour out, which gives a lot of control. It can be a little awkward to dispense product, but turning the bottle upright and upside down again until it dispenses usually works for me.

In terms of application, I pour this onto a cotton bud (I personally love Superdrug’s cotton buds and cotton rounds and exclusively use theirs right now) then dab the oil gently onto areas of my skin I want to treat. In my case, this is acne and my acne scars, and occasionally around my nose if I suspect they might break out. I apply to acne scars to make sure more acne doesn’t grow underneath and the scarring can heal with a new issue to greet me after. The oil itself is 15% tea tree, which is on the lower end of the concentration based on my reading online. For my skin, this seems like a relatively good percentage, as it doesn’t irritate my skin except in obvious situations like when my skin is broken or still in the process of healing. There is an obvious tea tree scent, but I don’t find this is intrusive when on the skin.

So overall my experience with this product has been really positive, which is something I’m quite relieved by. I’ve learned not to use this on areas of my skin that have torn (I’m clumsy and sometimes scratch my face too hard…) and let skin that has irritated areas rest. I haven’t found this to be over-drying so long as I only apply once a day to my skin. On days I’ve applied twice a day, I find it’s a tad too drying, but that’s why I only apply once a day. I’d definitely consider repurchasing this product: I currently have less than a quarter of my bottle left, and want to get the larger 20ml bottle instead.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it really means a lot to me. I hope this review was helpful and if you have any questions, please let me know, I’ll be happy to help. In the meantime, I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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