Review: Red Tea Natural Skin Therapy Toner

Red Tea Therapy Toner

I referred to Red Tea Natural Skin Therapy in my last post, where I mentioned their face mask, but today I want to talk about their Toner, as I’ve been using this for a while, and feel like I can talk about it in some detail. This is one of my purchases I made some time ago at TK Maxx, for £2.99. What a deal right? On websites like it retails for £12.00, so I was pretty darn impressed with the savings.

I use this as part of my day time skincare routine, after cleansing and before my serum and emulsion. I spray this on to a cotton pad and gently swipe over my face. I’ve found this is extremely gentle that if I do catch my under eye area, it doesn’t cause any sensitivity or irritation. This isn’t super-hydrating on the skin, but it does add some, which I’ve noticed is more obvious now that the weather is cooling down and getting drier.

This toner makes some interesting claims that I want to list:

“Boasting 50 times the anti-oxidant properties of Green Tea – Red Tea is beneficial for natural skin therapy. Shielding the skin from the harmful effects of sun damage and pollution, regular use allows the skin to replenish itself with moisture and natural oils.”

“Red Tea Extract contains potent natural anti-oxidants and enzymes such as Vitamin C, E and Carotene that can limit the ageing effect of free radicals on the skin.”

Okay, so as I’ve said in previous posts that talk about anti-aging, that I tend to not comment on it because I can’t measure the effectiveness of it. I simply don’t have access to multiple dimensions and measure that out on different versions of myself, ya know? What I can talk about though is that I find the texture of my skin is definitely softer after long-term use of this toner, which is fantastic. Even acne scars and new acne is more manageable for wearing makeup over, because it helps to soften the flaking a bit so it’s not as severe. I do want to stress this isn’t a miracle result type of thing, but it does impact my skin in a positive way.

Red Tea Skin Therapy Toner

As for the packaging, I want to say I hope I hit a dud with the one I purchased. For the first couple of months, I wrestled with the pump in the original bottle, but it didn’t spray very well and it often just leaked the toner instead. This was getting messy quickly, so I decided to buy a travel spray bottle instead, to take its place. I bought mine from Superdrug, because I knew they had purple ones, and well… Hollypop likes purple. That’s the only real gripe I have with this product, and like I said, I like to think it’s just a one-off thing, although if you have bought this toner before and had the same issue, please let me know! I’d love to know so I can update this post with your contributions (with appropriate credit, of course) so I can better inform you.

Overall, this is a really nice toner, and one I am quite to use. I know this is going to last a while as I’m only a quarter of the way through the spray bottle, and I still have half of the toner still in the original bottle. So don’t be surprised if my toner reviews slow down for a while.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, it truly honours me to receive your support. I plan on posting again on Wednesday, so I hope you’ll look forward to reading it, and continue to support me.

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