Review: GOSH Brow Kit

GOSH Brow Kit

Happy Wednesday, today I want to talk about a product I’ve been using for a very long time, and one that I honestly thought I had reviewed before, but apparently haven’t. This is the GOSH Brow Kit, which I’ve been talking about as far as back as mid-2017, and is still sitting in my makeup routine. Needless to say, I have a lot of experience using this product, so it’s more than appropriate for me to talk about my experiences with it.

Off the bat, GOSH as a brand proudly claim they’re cruelty-free, so even though I bought this before I went actively cruelty-free, this is a brand I continue to support now because their values in regards to animal testing (or rather the absence of) align with mine. They’re also a vegan-friendly brand, so if this is also something quite important to you, this is something to think about in regards to this brand as well. I’m not vegan, but I do think it’s good to see vegan-friendly brands on the market, and it’s also appealing to me if they help encourage non-vegan brands to be challenged to source their non-vegan ingredients more ethically.

The brow kit itself retails for £8.99 at full price in Superdrug, but at the time of writing this post, this product is on sale on Superdrug’s site, so I encourage to either buy it quickly if you’re intrigued by the end of my review, or wait for another sale if you’re still on the fence, since you can find this product at a reduced price at the right times.

GOSH Brow Kit

There is only one shade ‘range’ in the sense that there’s one palette, but it contains multiple shades designed to span over dark to lighter brow colours. There is definitely a gap in undertones, so if you’re unsure, I encourage you to swatch this in-store if this is available to you. The two lightest shades are a warmer undertone, but the darkest shade is warm-cool so not quite as warm as the others. There’s also a brow wax, which I used once or twice when I first got it around 2 years ago, but haven’t used it since. I’m personally not a fan of waxes on my brows, so I won’t be talking about this part of the kit as I struggle to make them work for me – so not a fault of this product specifically.

GOSH Brow Kit

The kit also has a small angled brush with a sponge tip on the other end. I make a lot of use of the angled brush end, but the sponge tip end is redundant to me. Because this is the dedicated powder brow product I’m using, I find the angled brush has a place in my routine right now because it sits convenient alongside the powders I’m actually using, rather than reaching into my brush collection for a separate brush.

The kit did have a step-by-step guide inside when it was sold to me, but I got rid of it a long time ago, so I can’t show it to you anymore. I like that it has a built-in mirror on the inside of the lid, which I make use of when I’m traveling. When I’m not traveling I don’t really use it, but I do appreciate the design choice to have it there at all.

As far as ergonomics go, I have mixed feelings on the shape of the palette. While it’s very cute, very sleek to have it a rounded shape, a part of me wishes it was a square palette instead to sit in a more compact and contained way in a makeup bag. The circular shape by all means isn’t bad, and it does make the contents look more appealing. I just find it rolls around a bit inside a makeup bag, so I think I’d be happier with a square layout instead, but it’s a really minor gripe.

The palette itself opens up easily, but it has a satisfying resistance to it that reassures me it won’t burst open easily if it falls on the floor. It also has that really nice click shut, which reassures me again. The case is also relatively slim, so it’s not too bulky inside a makeup bag, and the overall size is slightly larger than the palm of my hand. I do have petite hands though, so it’s quite compact and contained, but not so tiny that you’re getting very little product.

As far as application goes, I mostly use the two darkest shades, which are on the top half of the palette. For the first year I was using it, I only used the darkest shade which is why it looks most heavily used by a large margin. But in the past few months, I’ve been experimenting with using the second darkest shade which is starting to look used now.

My routine is to apply this after a brow pencil – which for me has been The Body Shop Brow Definer in the last few months, which I’ve reviewed in the past. I use a brow pencil to create the majority of the shape of my brows, but use the second darkest shade to fill in the front of my brows. My brows are naturally very dark (dark brown but almost black) and quite full, but because the individual hairs are quite long and prone to moving around, if they move out of place at all, the skin underneath shows through and looks quite messy. The front of my brows are where this shows off the most, as the shorter hairs make my brows looks a little messy and inconsistent, so I take that medium-brown shade to darken the gaps a bit without looking over-the-top. The darkest shade is one I use more as a setting powder as I apply it over the brow pencil, which sets the pencil down but also fills in any gaps I might have missed. I’m enjoying this routine so far, so the palest shade in the palette goes neglected as my brows are too dark. However, if you have lighter brows, you can make the medium brown shade your main brow shade, then use that palest shade to fill in the front of the brows similarly to how I used the two darker shades.

GOSH Brow Kit

As far the pigmentation goes, this is where you might instinctively feel put off. For me, this the level of pigmentation I’m happy with in a brow powder because it leaves a lot of room to build up pigmentation, and is much more forgiving if you make a mistake. I do use this kit mostly for setting other brow products, so the slightly more subtle pigmentation gives me room to be liberal with application without making my brows look over-powering. One of the things I remind myself is that this isn’t designed as an eyeshadow or eye liner, so this level of pigmentation is actually pretty good because I don’t want to overwrite my natural brows or their natural hair colour, I want to enhance, which I find this palette does for me.

In terms of longevity, I find this lasts me all day in spite of having oily skin. Using this as a setting powder of sorts for my brow pencil, I think this works best alongside other brow products, but there are days when I use this alone. On those days, the impact is much less noticeable (usually intentionally) but the longevity is still quite good, but not quite as long as when I use it to set my brow pencil which I think is fine and to be expected.

Overall, I really love this product in spite of my teeny tiny packaging gripe/preference. It’s served me well for a really long time, and although I’m tempted to de-pot the two shades I actually use, I’m going to leave it alone so the shades can stay travel-friendly. If you find any or most of the shades to fit your brows, I definitely suggest this product to you, as it is pretty affordable compared to a lot of the market. This is a product I plan to keep noted for the future, as although I won’t be repurchasing it straight away as I have other brow palettes backlogged to try, it is one that I want to be able to find again.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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