June Empties 2017:

June Empties 2017

June has been a remarkably hot month, and one that felt like it was going to take forever to pass. But, it is the 1st of July, so I want to write about my empties from the month of June. This is going to be an intentional merge post today, with my normal ‘Products I Passed On’ as I only have one product to mention and it happens to be in my empties too, which I will make clearer as we go on.

So I’m going to work from left to right, which means we start with Tesco’s Wild Berry Shaving Gel. I don’t normally talk about these kinds of products but I just used this up and felt it was worth talking about. To preface, up until recently, I didn’t use shaving gels or creams on the regular but ordered one with my online grocery shopping on a whim. I forget how much of a difference it can make so I’m happy to have done it. It has a faint berry scent which I didn’t find overwhelming at all, but I do find that I need a large amount for each application (so one for each leg) so I used this up faster than I do for most other body or face products. This isn’t truly a complaint, but I am reminded that I make other products last for a long time. For anyone who likes to shave, I think this a good product to pick up, and a replacement sits in my bathroom already.

Moving on, I mentioned this product only recently, but this is a back up of the Superdrug Dead Sea Mud Mask that you can see talked about in my February 2017 Empties, as well as in my Multi-Tasking Face Masks: Why I’m Loving It post. I won’t talk at length again about this product, but I am happy to have used it up and gotten as much out of it as I could.

The final two products are sachet masks that I used up in the past week. What you see in my photo above are not the empties themselves, but what they look like, as I felt it was best to share a visual of what the products look like. The first is the Superdrug Limited Edition Self Heating Face Mask, which is no longer available, but has been stored away in my box of sachet masks for a while. This is a nice mask, but a bit too gooey and watery in texture for my preference. This is also the only product I plan on passing on this month too, as I don’t think it’s a bad product, just not the kind of texture I like.

The last sachet is the Superdrug De-Stressing Mud Mask, which contains aloe vera. It’s packaged and advertised for normal to combination skin, but the aloe vera in the ingredients list makes me think they’re trying to keep the product available for sensitive skin types too. My skin didn’t react badly to this product and I do have mildly sensitive skin, so that’s worth thinking about if you’re worried about a potential negative reaction.

I found both of the sheet masks above to be okay for what they advertise – both for unclogging pores, but they’re definitely not overkill so I think pretty much anyone can enjoy them. I think they’re best used when sharing as I find I have a lot of left over mask from one application, and I have to throw the sachet away, which feels a bit wasteful. So if you ever find yourself with a friend, you can get definitely share one between you and get the most out of it.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I say this every post, but I truly mean it, it means the world to me to receive your support. It’s really nice to share my thoughts on products and as well as being a great outlet for me.

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