July 1st to September 30th – Project Pan Goals:

July 1st to September 30th - Project Pan Goals

As a new season rolls in (well, as far as convenient splitting up the calendar goes), it means it’s time for a new project pan. So from July 1st to September 30th, I have picked out products that sit in my cosmetics collection that I aim to use up. I initially tried out the concept for a two and a half month period before my recent move, and I really enjoyed watching my progress, and the sense of achievement for each product I successfully emptied.

Because of that, I wanted to do this again, so I will set out my goals at the beginning of a month, then check in for the end results at the very end. As products slowly get emptied they will be included in my monthly empties posts, but I will keep the packaging until the very end, where I can then recycle as much as possible.

One of the things I really put emphasis on the first time around, is that there’s no pressure on myself to empty everything. This is about seeing how I naturally work through products, and not about forcing myself to use products more often than I normally would. A middle ground point I have reached is that I might dedicate myself to using only one product from a specific category, but I still use that specific product at a normal pace.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’re probably surprised that I’m not posting my empties today. I will be share those tomorrow instead, as I wanted to make sure I begin my project pan on the first day of my given timeline. With that in mind, let’s jump in!

Products Brought Forward:

July 1st to September 30th - Project Pan Goals

One of the few products I didn’t completely empty in my first project pan, is the Essence of Beauty Lilies and Freesia Fine Fragrance Mist. As you can see, I have two lines on the bottle drawn in marking the start and end point from the first project pan, and I have made more progress since. Like the first project pan, I will be using this fragrance exclusively until I use it up. This is one that could take anywhere from a few days to a week or two to use up, so I’m very confident this will be emptied.

July 1st to September 30th - Project Pan Goals

The second product I brought forward is the GOSH Brow Kit, which I use exclusively as my powder brow products. At the start of my last project pan, I had just hit pan and you could see a small sliver of the silver pan. Now, there’s a reasonable portion of the pan on display now, and since the product hasn’t gone off yet, I will be continuing to work through this product.

Like last time, I don’t expect to use this up by the end of September, but I picked this out the first time to just monitor how long it takes to work through brow powder. So this is more about putting things into perspective.

Skincare Products:

July 1st to September 30th - Project Pan Goals

Now we’re into the new products I’ve selected. We’re starting with my desk’s drawer, where I have the Superdrug Deep Action Mattifying Shine Control Papers. I wrote a review on these fairly recently, so I don’t plan to talk about my experience with these, but these are what I like to grab for on my no-makeup days.

I’ve been wearing makeup fairly often lately, so this is one that will eventually get emptied depending on how often I go without makeup. I’m not sure how many sheets I’ve used up so far, but I still have quite a lot left, so this is one I can expect to take a while.

I also want to work through the Botanics All Bright Refreshing Eye Roll-On, which almost escaped being in my project pan at all. This is a product that’s in that perpetual state of “almost empty”, so this could be empty by the end of the day or in a week. I simply won’t know until it happens.

This is another product I only use on no-makeup days, so this is one that will simply happen depending on how frequently I have no-makeup days.

July 1st to September 30th - Project Pan Goals

Now we’re looking at products that sit in my bathroom. I really enjoy the multi-masking process, and wrote a blog post on my experiences with it a few years ago. I still use this mentality to this day, and that means I have two face masks that I’m working through.

The first mask is the Super Facialist Tea Flower Deep Clean Pore Purifying Clay Mask. This is one that’s hard to quantify how much I’ve used or how much is left, but I’ve been using this product for quite some time already. Again, this is another product I’ve reviewed on my blog, so I encourage you to read it if you’re curious about my thoughts and experiences on the product.

The second mask that’s in my routine at the moment is the Quick Fix Facials Mega Moisture Gel Mask. I haven’t reviewed this product yet, but I plan to do so this week. In spite of only opening up early in June, I suspect I’m going to work through this one reasonably quickly, and if I do manage to empty it, it’ll be towards the end.

July 1st to September 30th - Project Pan Goals

Now we’re at my vanity: as it’s important to use sunscreen everyday, it’s reasonable that I include my current sunscreen in my project pan. I’ve been using the EGLIPS Multi Unique Sun Block for over a year now, and as I don’t go outside frequently at the moment, it’s taken me a while to make progress with it. So I want to see how much progress I make in the next three months. I have reviewed it, so you’re welcome to read my thoughts there.

My acne treatment that I’ve been using lately is the Witch Naturally Clear Blemish Gel, which I have also reviewed. This is one of those products that will organically get used up, as I use this almost every night.

I like to apply this with a cotton bud, which is why I’ve worked through this so slowly. It let’s me light place and tap the gel onto specific areas of my face, so this is more of a spot-treatment in terms of application, rather than something I put all over my face. With this in mind, I think I’m around halfway through the bottle, so I think three months might be enough time to work through it. If it’s not, then honestly, I’m just impressed.


July 1st to September 30th - Project Pan Goals

Pulling out my custom-magnetic palette, I anticipate working through one of the eyeshadows from my de-potted Collection Work the Colour Nude Eye Palette, where one of the middle shades from that 9-pan palette is very much loved.

The eyeshadows don’t have names, but the second shade is a shimmery taupe, and I use this as a part of my everyday makeup at the moment. I initially hit pan in May 2019, and I can see myself using up the entire pan by the end of September.

July 1st to September 30th - Project Pan Goals

The L’OREAL Brow Artist Plumper is one I pulled out to work through my non-cruelty-free products that were still lingering in my collection. I have reviewed it, but this is ultimately one that will either be emptied by September, or it may dry out.

The eyeliner I’ve been using pretty frequently is the NYX Epic Ink Liner in the shade ‘Brown‘. I’ve had this open and active in my makeup collection for quite a while, so it’s realistically possible that I’ll either use it up or it’ll go off by the end of September. So I want to keep track of this product and let it help me decide if I want to repurchase it or just stick to trying the other backups I have stored away.

July 1st to September 30th - Project Pan Goals

Moving to the last section, I highly anticipate using up my current concealer, which is the Bourjois 1 2 3 Perfect CC Eye Cream. This is another one of those products where I can’t really track how much I’ve used or how much is left. However, I opened this up back in October 2018, so it’s at this point where I’ll either use it up any time now, or it’ll just go off. If somehow it doesn’t expire or empty by the end of September, I’ll be impressed.

Bourjois are still not cruelty-free at the time of writing, but this is more tracking products for if/when the brand does become cruelty-free.

Last of all, I’m including the Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in ‘Pink Blossom‘. I picked up three shades from this line fairly recently, and haven’t tried all of the shades yet, but I am working through ‘Pink Blossom‘ as it’s a ‘barely-there’ shade on me. I will review them in detail in the future, but I think I’ll do that before the end of September. I think this is a shade I’ll work through fairly quickly as it’s easy to just grab and apply when I need to run errands.

That concludes all of the products in my project pan for the months of July to September. I’m really excited to be doing another project pan, and like last time, I will be noting down exactly when I empty products and will summarise in order of when I used products up.

Do you like to do project pans as well? What have your experiences been like? I’d love to know. Feel free to leave a comment, and we can chat about our experiences together.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it really means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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