February Goal Roundup/March Goals:

Back at the start of February I set out to re-establish my skincare routine since it was really struggling with dryness after returning home from my trip to Canada. The blog posts I wrote about my trip you can find on my sidebar in it’s own little section, if you’d like to check them out.

As far as re-establishing a routine, I’ve managed to get my morning routine back in-check, with my skin beginning to settle back down. I’ve had some minor acne troubles this month, although it’s mostly hormonal and stressed related. I am struggling to commit to a consistent nighttime routine, which I don’t feel particularly proud about.

As far as acne treating goes, I’ve felt somewhat stumped about which approach to take. Once again I’ve been terrible at remembering to actual spot treat with tea tree which I’ve been trying to remember to do since the start of the year. However, since my acne is predominantly stress and hormone related, I’m in a situation where I’ve just let it be and tried to handle my stress the best I can.

I also discussed at the start of the month that I wanted to re-organise how I present my skincare routine so I use my products more often. I both have and haven’t accomplished this. I’ve had an extremely cathartic clean up of my bedroom, but as far as my vanity goes, my skincare products are one area that didn’t really get a drastic change. I think I’m going to let time pass and see if this is a good thing for me or not.

March Goals:

Moving on to goals, I want to begin by extending my acne-treating goal since I need to hammer this into my routine properly. I’m going to achieve this by putting my tea tree oil in even clearer sight on my vanity so I remind myself to use it.

In my gradual clean up of my vanity, I moved my sheet masks out from the inside of my vanity drawer and into plain sight, since I own a crap ton of masks, but never use them. Like the tea tree oil, I want to use the same plan so I can achieve the same outcome – use them as and when they’re needed, and consistently.

As for makeup goals, I want to be a bit more experimental, since I have a LOT of makeup, and they’re not really being used. To encourage this, I’m going to plan on the makeup items I will use the night before, so that, should I choose to wear makeup the following day, there’s no opportunity to chicken out of using certain products. My perspective is that: if I do it during the evening/night when I’m either wanting to do other things like play games, chat with friends, or when I’m tired and just want to go to bed, the opportunity to be too selective is much less likely to happen.

One final goal, while not quite as directly beauty related, is to aim to drink one cup of mint or chamomile tea every two days. During my hormonal periods, the mint tea is great for my hormones, as well as being great for my anxiety and physical symptoms of anxiety. The chamomile option is going to be useful as the past few weeks I’ve noticed a small relapse in my insomnia – if I’m not awake most/all night, then I’m restless or taking a lot longer to fall asleep and it’s not very restful. Chamomile tea is suggested to be a useful remedy – and if I can fix my sleep schedule, it should mean my skin and hormonal troubles should balance out too.

While not quite a goal, per se, I do want to make a more concerted effort to look after my body as I have noticed I’m showing signs of being anaemic again. Symptoms like dry, uncomfortable lips, weak(er) nails and general state of being tired and lacking energy and enthusiasm have been really consistent for me, and this takes a toll on my skin, my health (obviously) and my self-esteem as a result. I have already started treating this, but I want to work towards being consistent – since I’m the kind of person who struggles to create new habits, but once they’re made, stick to them almost like clockwork.

That’s my plans for March and I look forward to working on them and then reflecting at the end of the month. Thank you for taking the time to read my post, and if you’ve set goals for yourself for this month, I’d love to hear about them.

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