Video Editing: Minecraft Stranded Series

Following more work for CiderTimeGaming, this is the completed series for their Minecraft YouTube series “Stranded”. It’s a follow-up from their original which I also edited. Once again, the only episode I didn’t edit was the seventh video, so I’m disclosing this now.

I edited the series using Adobe Premiere Pro, which is my default editing software.

The editing in this series was slightly more complicated, with requests from the YouTube content creators trying to achieve particular results within the videos. This included a lot of cutting out unnecessary footage, as well as censoring out certain parts of the footage both visually and verbally as some jokes or comments didn’t meet the standards that the content creators wanted to achieve.

Overall, I think the editing for this series was quite successful and will be doing more editing for CiderTimeGaming in the future as their video editor.

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