YesStyle Haul – March 2019:

YesStyle Haul - March 2019

I didn’t plan to write another haul this soon, but after finding myself lacking a new eye cream, well, here we are: one more online order made. I didn’t plan it out this way, but all of the products I ordered this time around contain the ingredient Centella Asiatica in some form, which is becoming really popular in Korean skincare at the moment, if YesStyle’s stock is anything to go by. I’m not incredibly familiar with the ingredient, but apparently I was subconsciously drawn to it, so I’m playfully considering this the Centella edition. All of my purchases were from the ‘cruelty-free’ tab that’s on YesStyle’s site, so like my last order, I’m trusting YesStyle to be informed.

The focus of this order was a new eye cream, but like my last haul, which you can check out here, I aimed to fulfill the minimum £30.00 spend limit for free premium standard shipping. The other products I picked out are types of skincare items I expect to need backups of in the relatively near future (any time from a couple of weeks to several months), so I wanted them ready so I don’t need to make lots of separate orders.

As I mentioned already, I ordered enough to make sure my package had free premium standard shipping, which meant it should arrive within 7-14 days. I placed the order on Thursday 21st February 2019, and it dispatched the following day. I purposefully picked out items that were listed to ship out within 24 hours knowing I needed the eye cream ideally as soon as possible – with the shipping times also taken into consideration. My package arrived Saturday 2nd March 2019, so 8 days after my order was dispatched. I’m really pleased with both of my recent orders arriving so quickly – 7 days and 8 days respectively, although it isn’t representative of their normal delivery rates.

YesStyle Haul - March 2019
YesStyle Haul - March 2019

I expected this package to look similar to the first: a hollow plastic container that was air-shut from two halves closing together, wrapped in bubble wrap. This time, the package looks a little bit different: the bubble wrap on the outside of the plastic container and another to contain the products was still there, but this time the plastic container was larger and only one half of a cuboid container. I plan to recycle what I can of the packaging, including the boxes of the products when the time comes.

The products themselves are all in-tact, with only one of the boxes having one of the corners crushed a little bit. It’s very small, so it may have happened at any point during the distribution process, and not necessarily on the courier’s or YesStyle’s end. I’m personally not upset about this minor flaw to the packaging as it hasn’t harmed the actual products inside.

YesStyle Haul - March 2019

As for the products themselves, let’s start with the one that prompted the haul in the first place: the PURITO Centella Green Level Eye Cream. I haven’t tried anything from this brand before, so I was curious to pick out a product to try. I plan to slot this into my routine depending on how the consistency turns out – although I foolishly bought a day time and night time night eye cream each while waiting for this order to arrive, so for now it’s a backup until a gap in my routine shows up again, be that from future empties, or if the ones I just bought aren’t the right fit right now. The tube is as tall as the box you see above, which is taller than I was expecting.

There’s 30ml of product which is double than the replacement night time eye cream I just bought, as a reference, so there’s a lot of product compared to some eye creams on the market. So if this works well with my skin, I’m anticipating it lasting a very long time, as eye creams tend to be slow burners compared to some other skincare products.

YesStyle Haul - March 2019

Another brand I haven’t tried or even heard of before seeing it on YesStyle’s site was Iunik, and I specifically picked out the Centella Calming Gel Cream. Depending on the consistency, this is a product I’ll use either day or night time, as a moisturiser. I was particularly drawn in by the “gel” description of the formula as it’s usually a very reliable formula for my oily-sensitive skin. Because it’s designed to soothe from the centella asiatica but also treat blemishes from the tea tree leaf water that are in the formula, I can see it potentially working in both a day time or night time routine, which is why I’m curious what the texture will be like. My gut instinct so far having not opened up the product itself yet is that it will replace The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Treatment (which I’ve reviewed here) that’s currently in my night time routine, however that’s up to experimenting first.

YesStyle Haul - March 2019

Lastly we have another COSRX product, specifically the Natural BHA Skin Returning Emulsion. Depending on the texture of the Iunik product’s formula, this may also be a replacement for The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Treatment, but I can also see potential room for it in my day time routine, particularly during the spring and summer when my skin starts to get even oilier again after being a little easier to handle during winter. Again, it really depends on the formula and how it fits in best with my existing skincare routines, so I’m quite open minded about until I test the texture out first-hand.

Can you tell I’m quite curious about COSRX products? I still have a sample of this product that’s part of a collection of samples from the brand, which I received a few years ago from a Jolse order I made on eBay. So I can see myself using that sample when I try to fit this product into my routine at a later date.

I’m really looking forward to try out all of these products and will share my thoughts on them as they work their way into my skincare routines. Are there any specific products you’re interested to hear my thoughts on? Have you tried any of them yourself? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment if you feel like sharing your opinions with me.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it really means a lot to me. In the meantime, I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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