YesStyle Haul – June 2019:

YesStyle Haul - June 2019

As the new week rolls in, it means it’s the first full week in my new place. The weekend for me was one of unpacking and getting new furniture, which meant a trip to IKEA with mum. This was also the opportunity to get hold of my recent YesStyle order that I forward to my parent’s address. So I want to haul this with you guys, as it’s always fun to share what’s caught my eye to a point that I committed to purchasing them.

So I ordered this package back in late May, and it took exactly a week for it all to dispatch. It then took just under 2 weeks to arrive at my designated address, which is the longest I’ve waited for a package. I made sure to fulfill the £30 minimum order for free premium shipping, which means it can take between 7-14 days to arrive. This is the only order of mine so far that arrived on the latter end of that time period. As far as I’m concerned, this isn’t a problem, as it still arrived on time.

My order is made of 5 items this time around, feature 2 clothing pieces, one accessory/bag piece and 2 makeup items. I paid a total of £33.12 in total, but used one of my member coupons to reduce the price from £37.17. Typically I focus my order around one product I was intent on purchasing and this time around I wanted to replace my wallet/purse. The previous one I’ve owned is about 4-5 years old, and is starting to look a little worse for wear. Some of the decoration is breaking off, and the coin pocket is also starting to come apart. So I had a look on YesStyle’s site to see if any specific wallets stood out to me.

YesStyle Haul - June 2019

The order itself came in a plastic delivery bag, with the items wrapped around each other, split into three different packets. The first is one clothing piece, following by the second. At the core of the package were my makeup items and the wallet, so I will go through them shortly in the order that they came wrapped in.

YesStyle Haul - June 2019

As far as the packing of the package goes, I was expecting it to be packed inside of a hollow plastic cut out, which I’ve received before in a recent YesStyle haul. However, it’s nice to see less plastic used overall as I’m not 100% certain my local council will accept the plastic for recycling.

YesStyle Haul - June 2019

The clothing items are contained in separate plastic sleeves, which are secured with transparent sellotape. The makeup products and the wallet arrived wrapped together in bubble wrap, that was also kept shut with transparent sellotape. None of the products appear to be damaged either from the warehouse or during transit, so I’m quite pleased with the condition they arrived in.

The first item of clothing I picked up is the Striped Long-Sleeved T-Shirt from DEEPNY, in in the navy blue and white combination. I adore stripes, and have a lot of striped clothes in my closet, so my attraction to this product isn’t surprising to me in the slightest. The block of white on the sleeves really stood out to me, and minimises the monotony of the pattern. This is one that will probably be kept away for while, as it’s currently a warm and humid summer here in the UK. So unless the temperature drops, this is one I expect to pull out when autumn arrives. It’s a little creased from being in transit, but I’ll iron it when I’m ready to wear it.

YesStyle Haul June 2019

The second item of clothing I bought is the Cutout Shoulder Tie-Neck Blouse from Frigga. The product page features the wine red first, and honestly, it was tricky to settle on one colour. There’s wine red, navy and white, and I love all three colours. I settled on navy in the end, because it looks like it would be the most versatile with existing closet. However, I could see myself wearing all of the colours. I’m looking forward to trying this on and seeing how I feel about the cutout shapes, and if I do like it, I’ll look at getting the other two colours if they’re still available.

The vertical lines of the circles is also really cute, and adds some dimension to the blouse without looking overwhelming. The photos on YesStyle’s product page linked above show how delicate and cute a look you can make with this blouse, so I’m curious to see if it’ll look good on me as well. I don’t wear short sleeves often, but the humidity definitely puts me in a situation where I am wearing them, so I wanted some variety in my closet.

I can see myself pairing this with a pair of jeans, and probably some sandals for that delicate, cute and summery look. My closet is still scattered in bags, suitcases and boxes at the moment, so I plan to put this blouse to use when I find where all of my clothes are.

YesStyle Haul - June 2019

Moving to the focus of my order, I picked out the Faux Leather Long Wallet from Natalis. This was available in a handful of shades, but it’s typical of me to go for black. The other available shades were grey, pink, blue and light green. I love the rounded edges and cute faux-clip clasp, which is actually a button mechanism.

YesStyle Haul - June 2019

The wallet has a lot of room for cards, including a specific pocket for ID, which for a lot of us is probably a driving license. The coin pocket in the centre also has more card slots on the the left side.

YesStyle Haul - June 2019

Flip the coin pocket over and the right hand side has even more card slots, so if you’re like me and have a lot of loyalty cards, reward cards, etc, you have a lot of room to store them separately. The pocket unzips from the three sides not attached to the body of the wallet, which will make unzipping to access coins more flexible than a coin pocket that only unzips from the top.

Having moved all of my cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, coins, etc into the wallet, I’m overall pretty happy with the sheer number of slots. I still can’t quite close the wallet, probably due to how I’ve folded and stored receipts, but otherwise it’s a really good size.

YesStyle Haul - June 2019

Now we have makeup items. The first is a purchase in preparation for a future gap in my makeup collection. I regularly use brown liquid eye liner as part of my everyday makeup routine, so when I saw the Chica Y Chico One Kill Eyeliner on my wishlist, I quickly bagged the shade ‘#2 One Kill Brown‘. I currently have the NYX Epic Ink Liner in the brown shade on the go, and I’m not sure when I’ll use it up. Since I needed to meet the £30 minimum spend, I decided this was as good a time as any to get a backup ready.

It’s going to remain in my backup drawer of my new Alex drawer set in my office, but I will of course review it when the time comes that I open it up.

YesStyle Haul - June 2019

Lastly, I couldn’t help but pick up a lip product. I picked out the Karadium Air Mouse Velvet Tint in the shade ‘04 Photogenic‘ as my first product from the brand. I’ve wishlisted a lot from the brand that would potentially appeal to me, but I have a soft spot for lip products even if I’m not as brave with lip products as I want to be.

YesStyle Haul - June 2019

The shade itself is a bit strange. While it looks more on the warm side in the tube and swatched, when I cleaned the swatch away with a makeup wipe, the undertone leans much cooler. I plan to play with this lip product for now and see how it wears, how it pairs with makeup looks, and so on, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I bench this for autumn. It definitely looks like it leans into the warmer, earthier vibes that I like to go for in the the autumn based off the swatch.

Of course, I will review the product once I have consistent experience with it, so I hope you’ll give it a read when that eventually gets written up and published.

This concludes my latest YesStyle haul. I hope this was entertaining to read, I definitely had fun sharing these purchases with you. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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