YesStyle Haul – August 2019:

YesStyle Haul - August 2019

Happy Wednesday! This wasn’t my planned post for today, but my most recent YesStyle order arrived in the mail this morning, so I wanted to haul my purchases and share with you what I picked up.

My last YesStyle haul was back in June, and I was anticipating going a little bit longer than this until my next order. But there was a specific item I wanted, so once again, there’s a product this order is focused around. This order also features a few free samples, and I will talk about those in detail as well.

Unlike my previous orders, this is one that took a little bit longer to get organised, dispatched and to arrive. When you order items from YesStyle’s site, your cart will give an estimation for how long it’ll take for each item to be ready to dispatch. In my recent orders, I went out of my way to try and streamline them all to dispatch around the same time. However, the item I centered this order around was going to take up to 3 weeks to be ready, so that breaks my trend.

My package was ready to dispatch at the very end of the 3 week mark. From my perspective in the UK, it was a day late, however, I suspect that because of the time zone my package was being prepared in, it was organised on the very last business day advertised. With that in mind, I have no criticisms of the dispatch process.

From the time of dispatching, it took my package exactly 12 days to arrive. So not as fast as some of my earlier hauls which arrived within 7-8 days. However, as I met the £30.00 minimum spend, my order is expected to arrive within 2 weeks because I live in the UK.

YesStyle Haul - August 2019

The package itself arrived entirely bubble wrapped once I opened the postal bag. This was easy to open up with a pair of scissors, and none of my products or their packaging were damaged. The cardboard box for one of the products looks a tiny bit squished, but that’s not a problem for me.

Overall, I’m pretty content with the speed and condition my package arrived in, and I was especially grateful that YesStyle contacted me via email to inform me about any issues with getting hold of specific products from my order. Fortunately, they didn’t remove any of the items from my order.

YesStyle Haul - August 2019

Moving to the products I ordered, the focus of my order was getting hold of a backup of the Eco Tools Retractable Kabuki Brush, which I mention in passing in some of my reviews. My current one is beginning to look a little worse for wear after years of frequent use, so I wanted to have a backup ready for the day when it’s come to retire it.

Eco Tools is a brand you can easily get hold of here in the UK, but for some reason I can’t find this in-stores no matter where I look. So when I saw this on my wishlist on YesStyle, I decided to just make an order and get some other items I wanted/needed alongside this one.

I absolutely adore this brush, as it’s what I reach for to apply my face powders. So I use it to apply my setting powder when I finish my base makeup, and then it sits on my desk with my mattifying powder to touch up with throughout the day.

The biggest factor for why I like it is the compact size, as it takes up little space on my desk, and is convenient to put in a makeup bag. The product is split in half in the packaging photographed above: with the brush on end, and the lid on the other.

YesStyle Haul - August 2019

Moving to two skincare items, the first is from a brand that’s quite new to me: The Plant Base Pore N Anti Sebum Silky Emulsion is one that is cruelty-free alternative in my mind to the Tony Moly AC Control Whitening Emulsion that I spent a very long time working through. Obviously, as I only got my package this morning, I have no idea if these two products are actually comparable, but in my mind when I was looking at this product on the website, I saw some potential comparisons.

I’m currently working through two oil-controlling skincare products in my skincare routine at the moment, so this isn’t one I’ll be using straight away, but it’s one that I’m really eager to try. I’m always excited to try products from brands that are new to me, and I spent a lot of time looking through all of the different options to pick out one of the essences or emulsions that might work for me.

If you’re familiar with my blog, then you can probably see why I picked out the pore and oil controlling option. If you are new to my blog, then you’re probably a bit confused: I have oily-sensitive skin, and I like to approach treating my skin with a gentle and nourishing skincare in mind. I don’t use a lot of acne or oily skin products at one time, as I find it aggravates my skin further. So this is one that will be rotated into my skincare routine as I naturally work through other skincare.

The other skincare item I picked out is a travel size of the Benton Fermentation Eye Cream. This is one I’ll be testing with some hesitance, as I don’t know yet how my skin reacts to a variety of fermented ingredients. I reviewed The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Essence Lotion earlier this week, which has fermented ingredients as well, and my skin is fine with it, so I’m hoping my skin is also going to be okay with this product as well.

As far as when I’d use this product, this is one I expect to fit in my night time skincare routine when I use up my current night time eye cream. I take a long time to work through eye products, so even though this is a “travel size” of this product, I will likely take a while to use this up anyway.

YesStyle Haul - August 2019

A brand I recently discovered is on YesStyle’s site, is K-Palette. I tried out this eyeliner years back before I started this blog, and was still ordering my Asian cosmetics from eBay. I was pleasantly surprised to rediscover them at all, but even more so to see them listed as cruelty-free. So I picked out the K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner in the shade ‘Brown Black‘. This is another product that’ll be sat in my stash until I have room for it in my makeup collection, but I wanted to try this again to see if I still love it as much as I did several years ago.

YesStyle Haul - August 2019

Moving to the samples, these are ones I qualified for because of how much I spent. These aren’t ones I get to choose, so two of the three photographed above aren’t fully cruelty-free. The first is the Neogen Joan Day Vita Duo Cream. I’m a subscriber of JoanDay on YouTube, and really happy for her success. However it’s disappointing that this isn’t a cruelty-free brand. I plan to hand to give this to mum, as the day and night creams in one sachet might be really hand for her when she travels.

The second non-cruelty-free sample I received is the Secret Key Lemon Sparkling Peel Gel. This is one I will be passing along straight away to mum, as my skin and nose don’t react well to lemon, and I’m not a big fan of peeling gels. Mum doesn’t mind peeling gels, and the scent probably won’t bother her.

As far as these two samples go, I’ve described in my YesStyle haul from February 2019, I’d love it if you could choose cruelty-free options for samples instead. I’m a huge advocate for empowering the consumer with choice, so customers can pick out the samples of products they’d be more likely to repurchase in the future. I’m not going to purchase anything from brands that aren’t cruelty-free in good faith, so these are samples better suited to someone else.

The last sample is a cruelty-free option, which is the Dear Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum. This will be going into my sample drawer to try out at some point in the future, most likely during the winter time.

This concludes my YesStyle haul for August. It wasn’t a massive haul as I try not to overspend, but I am excited to try all of these products (that aren’t being given to mum). I get a sense of peace of mind having my backup of my favourite face brush, so this isn’t a haul I regret at all.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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