Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas!

Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas!

As this is my first year of blogging, and despite the chaos of university deadlines and Christmas shopping, travelling, etc, I wanted to quickly write a post to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas.

Christmas is a very special time of year for me, and I know it is for a lot of people. So to break my absence, I wanted to wish everyone my best while I have a quiet moment.

I plan on writing a Blog New Year’s Resolutions/Goals for the start of 2015, so I hope you haven’t given up on me and my silence. I don’t plan on going anywhere!

Before I finish this post, I also want to thank everyone who has followed, commented or supported my blog in any way. It truly means a lot to me, as someone who normally gets anxious about expressing my feelings or opinions. I’ll reiterate this again I expect, but I’m saying this now just in case in all of the thoughts and ideas that overwhelm my head as I write, that I accidentally forget to say it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and my blog generally. I’m very grateful for how supportive and welcoming people are in this blogging community, even if I don’t speak up very often.

Take care everyone, and I hope Christmas and the new year bring you lots of happiness and opportunities.

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