Video Editing: JoePro – “PunkyJay has gone over the edge!”

As listed in my portfolio already, my friend and fellow streamer approached me again, regarding editing another video for YouTube for him. The task initially started out quite simple: cut the footage down from being just under 30 minutes to as short and concise as possible.

From the first set of editing, I worked entirely from my own initiative to edit out and cut down the footage. However, because I could only cut out approximately four minutes of footage across the entire video, I communicated with JoePro further about where he would like further changes.

After providing a list/description of each extra change he’d like made, this was when the second and final phase of editing provided the largest and most challenging bulk of work. This included tasks like cutting more footage out, screen-capturing and inserting images with the best quality I was capable of, and working around issues regarding converting the original video file to the best quality as possible.

Overall, the process is one of the longest I’ve taken with video editing, so far. I think, regarding the many obstacles that came up, the video turned out pretty well and I think I fixed as many of the issues that came up to the best of my ability. It was a test on my patience at times, but still very enjoyable to do.

As far as I know, JoePro is happy with the result of my work, and we have plans for me to edit more of his content again in the future.

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