Video Editing: CiderTimeGaming – Skylandia Minecraft Series

My latest completed series for video editing is some work I have done for the YouTube channel: CiderTimeGaming. This is their first series for the popular game Minecraft, with the series called Skylandia.

The two individuals behind the YouTube channel are friends of mine who accepted my help to handle the editing work load as they started their journey on YouTube is entertainers. The entire playlist of this series will be available to look at below. I disclose now that the only video I did not edit was Episode 7, due to illness and allowing them to keep to their planned schedule for releasing their content. Otherwise, all videos besides that episode are edited by myself.

I used Adobe Premiere Pro as my chosen editing software. As far as what they wanted to achieve, I was given a lot of free-reign for creativity with the series. For the first batch of videos they were releasing, they were more focused on getting used to recording their content and adapting to entertaining within the format of a video. “Crisps_” is a Twitch streamer and is used to live-streaming video game content.

This series of content was a great experience with practicing simple editing techniques and just playing around with Premiere Pro’s interface. Using titles was a lot of fun to use and Crisps and Skele seemed happy with the results of my work.

If you have any questions regarding this particular series and the work I did, feel free to comment below. Or you can contact my privately: the information on how to do so is on my Contact Me page.

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