Video Editing: AbdallahSmash026 – Super Mario Run Compilation Video

Long time in the running to be updated to my portfolio, but my first paid project. Responding to a tweet that my friend sent my way regarding a video editing job, I got in contact with YouTuber AbdallahSmash026 regarding his public tweet via email which led to working on the video above: Super Mario Run – ALL PINK, PURPLE, & BLACK COINS IN ALL LEVELS! [iPad and iOS Gameplay].

The project itself was quite large, and while there some initial communication issues regarding what my client needed, we managed to communicate effectively in the end. From the personal perspective working on my first paid project, it was quite nerve-wrecking and I definitely put myself under a lot of pressure to not screw up in any way or to not feel competent enough in my abilities as a video editor.

This was unfounded in the end, as AbdallahSmash026 seemed to like my work and has voiced interest in working together again. At the time, that wasn’t possible for me due to circumstances impacting my ability to work on such large projects. This video is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes long (just under) and editing the video together was a huge time commitment of its own, which I enjoyed. The hardest part was the time to render a video of this size, in 1080p and 60 fps. I happily render to this quality as this is consistent with my client’s content, what it brought to my attention however, was that my PC needs an upgrade in order to work on projects of this size on a regular basis.

A single render of the video with my PC’s specifications required 14 hours in total, with my PC’s CPU priorities set to “real time” – basically, this means I made sure my CPU focused on almost nothing else but rendering the video for 14 hours at a time, which meant I couldn’t use my PC for anything else. Which is normal in the case of projects that are smaller which requires less time, however, because my PC is where I work on other areas of my freelance career, it highlighted a significant need to improve my PC.

I also had to render the video around three times where I had made edits to meet my client’s needs, which are also a normal part of the process. This further highlights my priority to upgrade as this was 14 hours of rendering repeated another two times.

The last issue that I ran into was the constraints of my previous internet speeds, where I was using a little under than 10mbps to upload the drafts and finished content. This is less of an issue now, as I now have hard-wired internet and 20Mb upload, where previously I was also wireless.

Moving on to more positive areas of the project, it did highlight to me how fast-paced I can be as an editor while exercising what I like to think is a good-to-great eye for detail. The project itself was simple to do as it was a matter or searching through long videos for the key clips I need and editing them together, the only complication was the time it would take to find the necessary clips. What I found interesting was how habitual it became the further I got into the project.

From the personal perspective of the topic of the content itself, I absolutely adored working with video game content. As an avid gamer myself and someone who is also a huge Nintendo fan, working on content that was both Nintendo and video game content was a fantastic opportunity for me. It fits wonderfully with my own personal interests, which helped keep me motivated and working efficiently. Because who doesn’t feel better about their work when it’s working with something they’re passionate about?

Overall, I’m really happy I took this project on. It’s been a valuable source of experience and something I proudly add to my portfolio. I’m extremely grateful to AbdallahSmash026 for adding my Twitter account name to the bottom of the description for the video as I asked during our correspondence, and I look forward to potential future projects together.

In reflection, with my current situation regarding my PC, the only changes I would make are to work on smaller projects that work better with my specifications. For future projects, I look forward to upgrading my PC which I have a set goal for as it will open up these large projects to be more cost effective on my end. The time it takes to render videos of that size right now isn’t very efficient for me, but with the changes I hope to make, it will definitely make that more reasonable.

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