Twitch Highlight: The Time Holly Cried Streaming ‘To The Moon’

SPOILERS: If you ever plan on playing ‘To The Moon’ yourself or want to watch the game from scratch, I advise waiting to watch this video as it does contain important plot narrative/information that might spoil your experience of the game.

So, in my opinion, ‘To The Moon’ is my favourite game of all time. It is an immensely powerful visual novel, with a story that, as the video above demonstrates, brought my to tears. I streamed this game in one sitting – and in spite of my internet’s severe instability throughout the stream, I do think it was a great success.

I stream on a regular basis, and you can find my Twitch page at: Alternatively, if you don’t want to watch from the website itself, I have embedded my stream and chat – although if you want to be able to watch both at the same time, I strongly advise watching from the website itself. Unfortunately, I cannot figure out yet how to get both boxes to align next to each other with my current website theme.

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