Turning 21 – Birthday Celebrations

So earlier this month I celebrated a milestone birthday – my 21st! I have mixed feelings about being a year older, but for the most part I’m really happy.

Turning 21 - Birthday Celebrations

I was able to celebrate with my Mum in London, and she treated me to a trip to see Wicked with a night in a five-star hotel. Below are a few more photos that my Mum took (I was too distracted to take any myself, haha) of us exploring London.



Turning 21 - Birthday Celebrations

Turning 21 - Birthday Celebrations

I had a brilliant time in London. It has been a couple of years since my last visit to London, so I was extremely excited to visit again. We spent a lot of the afternoon walking around Westminster. I think if I had more time to really explore the city, I would have been more enthusiastic about taking photos of my own.

The performance of Wicked was absolutely fantastic. I’ve been wanting to see the show for years, having learned some of the songs in my singing lessons at school (gosh that was a long time ago!). It is definitely worth seeing a performance if you haven’t already. It was breath-taking.

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