My Trip to Canada – Part 3

So the following day, my partner indulged the blogger in me, and drove the two of us to Korea-town in Toronto where we spent the afternoon hunting down some of the Korean cosmetic brands that I had heard were around from my research online. Honestly, the hunt didn’t end up especially fruitful, but I did find some Tony Moly products in the local Korean supermarket/grocery store, and while we looking around, we found some squid snacks for our friend we were going to visit at the weekend. The products I bought I will write a separate post about, so I hope you’ll keep an eye out for that one.

While wondering around in the -8 degrees weather (that’s in Celsius, mind you) we stumbled across a store with loads of cute plushies and stationery. I was in heaven. I didn’t buy anything however, since I was trying to be super conscious about how much I would be able to pack to go home. However, if I ever get the chance to go back, I will definitely indulge.

On our walk back to the car so we could go get food, we stopped by Tim Horton’s where my boyfriend insisted I was truly a qualified Canadian. Their hot chocolate is just amazing. I would be so happy if they moved business over to the UK – they could charge double what they do in Canada and still be cheaper than the coffee shop chains that exist here. I would be a loyal customer.

After getting groceries in Walmart where we parked (I’ll write a post about the beauty goodies very soon), we took a drive to a nearby area of Toronto to get crepes at Spin Dessert Cafe, which is the most under appreciated dessert cafe ever.

Dessert Cafe Crepes


Dessert Cafe Crepes

They’re quite inconveniently located next to one of the busy highways. It was almost dead aside from one other couple who also visited halfway through our meal. We ordered two crepes, a savoury and a sweet one to share. I honestly preferred the sweet one more, although the savoury one was also sooo good. If you live in the Greater Toronto Area, I really suggest you check them out, they’re such a great place to eat. The two photos you see above are the before and after applying the hot fudge to the sweet crepe that we ordered.

My next blog post is one I’m especially looking forward to sharing, and because it is much more photo-heavy, I’m going to separate it from this one for that reason. I hope you’ll consider reading it when it’s online, and until then, take care.

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