Top Shop Buys: A Few Little Pieces

On my way back to my flat last Friday evening, I decided to pop into Top Shop in Cardiff before they closed after being inspired to take a look at some of the makeup they sell. The Top Shop in my home town doesn’t have a specific section just for their makeup, so when I was walking past I thought “why not?” not expecting to actually buy anything. Well, I was wrong.

I only picked up three little pieces, but they’re ones I hope will be used a lot, and/or encourage me to be more courageous with how I wear my makeup. The first is a highlighter duo, and the other two are lip products.

Top Shop Kohl Highlighter, Top Shop Lipsticks in Macaroon and Brighton Rock

Top Shop Kohl Highlighter, Top Shop Lipsticks in Macaroon and Brighton Rock




Left: Silver. Right: Gold.

I want to start with the highlighter. On the Top Shop website here, it is listed as a face product, but I picked this up as a highlighter for the eyes. It’s a simple kohl duo with a silver pencil on one end, and a rose gold pencil on the other. I love highlighting my eyes when I use eye makeup, so this product fits into my comfort zone when wearing makeup.


Left: Macaroon. Right: Brighton Rock


Now for the lip products. I normally don’t wear bright lip colours, so these are purchases I hope will get me to be a bit braver with my makeup, especially while summer lasts and these colours fit the summery season.


The lipstick on the left is a coral-pink shade called Macaroon, which in my opinion looks beautiful. It has a subtle velvety finish which makes it slightly more approachable for me since I don’t have the courage for matte colours. The colour on the right, Brighton Rock, challenges that completely. It is a matte bright pink shade and is definitely far out of my comfort zone. I was inspired to buy these lipsticks after watching Zoella’s recent videos where she shows us her makeup collection. The Brighton Rock colour is one she features in her makeup collection and I felt inspired to try it out.

I’m not sure if these lip colours will finally give me courage to be more adventurous with my makeup, but I’m definitely excited to find out. Have you tried any of these lipsticks? If you have, I’d love to hear your suggestions.

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