Time to Relax: One Way I Like to Spend my Sunday Off – Candles

While I normally work full time on weekends, I had this weekend off so I took a trip home to visit my family. While I planned on being productive while I was home, I also wanted to spend time relaxing. One thing I can’t do at my own flat is burn candles. As I’m renting, I have rules to follow and along with not being able to keep pets, candles cannot be burned within the premises. So when I visit home, being able to burn scented candles is a luxury that enhances my stay.

I’ve been experimenting with different scents, and the type of candles – tea lights, jars, how big the jars are, etc. And over the weekend I’ve been using Yankee tea lights. The one in the photo above is the Pink Hibiscus scent, which has made my bedroom smell lovely.

I also have two other scents. These are Beach Flowers and Fluffy Towels. The Beach Flowers scent isn’t very strong compared to the Pink Hibiscus, but it does have a very subtle and light scent. I wish it was stronger, but I guess it’s better than being overpowering and giving me a headache. I haven’t burnt any of the Fluffy Towel scented candles yet, but I picked it up because I love the smell of clean clothes – the idea alone relaxes me and makes me smile. I’m very excited to burn them, but at the same time I don’t want to burn them all too quickly. Silly, I know.

I leave one of the candles burning in a tea light holder and let them burn until the wax is gone. Even after the candle burns out my bedroom smells delightful. Something about floral scents really helps me relax, and is a great kind of scent to go for in the lead up to spring. I know when it’s summer time the Beach Flowers will be my go-to scent.

How do you choose to relax? I would love to hear your suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to read my post, it really means the world to me.

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