The Duo That Help Bring Back Colour to a Pasty Complexion

The Duo That Help Bring Back Colour to a Pasty ComplexionAs I mentioned in a recent post, I’ve been feeling under the weather. While I’m on the mends now, my body is yet to get back to its normal healthy complexion. While I prefer to not leave the house when I’m ill, it can’t always be avoided. Any students reading this will know that even when you’re sick, essay deadlines must be kept. And since I had to post one of essays to submit it on time, that meant having to leave the house. While I’m comfortable enough in my own skin for people to see me without makeup on, getting pitiful looks as people can clearly tell you’re not well just gets annoying. So here are two products I’ve used today which have helped bring some life back to my face.

The Duo That Help Bring Back Colour to a Pasty Complexion 

The first product is my trustworthy pressed powder. This is the Collection Pressed Powder in the lightest shade called Ivory, and I think it’s fair to see its well-loved. This is one of the few products I own at the moment where I’ve hit pan, and because of it and travelling home on Sunday, the remaining powder broke off into chunks. Great… I use this powder to mattify my face and slightly even out my overall complexion. This won’t make a huge difference, but it certainly does its job. This doesn’t hide any blemishes or dark circles, but to be honest, I don’t care too much if people know I get spots or have had a tough time sleeping. I’m human, so it’s to be expected.

The Duo That Help Bring Back Colour to a Pasty Complexion The next and final product is another item by Collection, with the very appropriate name “Cheeky” – cause I am, haha. This is a very coral-pink shade and much warmer in undertone than blush colours I would normally opt for. But since my face is looking tired, a warm colour like this one should bring some warmth back to my face that isn’t because of my fever. This is also a great spring and summer shade and while it might be slightly too warm on me (I haven’t decided if I like this shade yet) I still want to try this out.

Both of these products can be applied with a powder and blush brush, and really bring some colour back to my face. On a normal day, my pale complexion looks healthy and even at times slight glowing, but at the moment I look tired and sick. So these two products take the edge off my tiredness while not needing too much effort and not suffocating the skin.

I wish I had the confidence to show you how my skin looks but I’m not brave enough yet. My ‘no-makeup’ face is one thing, but when I’m ill, something about it makes it feel even more vulnerable. I do hope you can understand and respect this decision. It means a lot to me that you respect this choice.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, it really means a lot to me. I’m gradually getting better, and now that my workload for university is gradually winding down, I plan on posting content a lot more often. Again, thank you for reading my post, and I hope you are well.

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