Taking a short break…

As you read this post, I will have already travelled to the airport, and depending on when you read this, I will either be waiting for my plane or already in the air. Why am I letting you guys know this? Well, I’m flying to Canada (Tortonto, Ontario to be exact) to spend a week with my significant other, as well as a drive down to the States to hang out with some friends. But the reason I’m telling you guys this is so that you guys will be aware of my hiatus for a week as I will be out of the country and not writing content.

I had plans to be super organised and write a bunch of posts to schedule, however, in the stress of getting everything sorted for travelling, I’ve both lost the time and also started feeling under the weather. So instead of stressing myself out even further and getting even more unwell, I decided to do what was best for my health in this situation and not push myself.

However, I plan on taking a trip to Toronto where there are some Korean cosmetic stores, and my poor boyfriend, has agreed to take me there so I can spend some money and explore. So, expect a haul post when I get back just for that in the least. I’m super excited to see some of these products in person, since I’ve stalked a lot of brands for months if not years now, but only ever been able to look at them online.

I also plan on taking lots of photos so I’ll make sure to write a separate post for that too, which may even include some selfies – not like me, I know! I’m extremely excited although very anxious too about travelling since I’ve never flown on my own before, but I’m sure it will go well.

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