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Review: Hard Candy Stroke of Gorgeous Liquid Eyeliner

It’s not often you’ll see American brands on this blog, since as a UK-based blogger, they’re not easily accessible to me. However, I brought these back after my trip to Canada to see my better-half, and in order to indulge … Continue reading

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My Trip to Canada – Part 2

So after a night’s rest we spent the first day relaxing at home, since I spent approximately 22 hours travelling… I can’t begin to explain how exhausting that was! So after a nice morning and afternoon chilling out, my partner … Continue reading

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End of Year Blogging Update

Hi everyone, just a quick little update since I know it’s been a while since I posted. This seems to be a habit right now… I swear I’m trying to break this writing block. I plan on kicking things back … Continue reading

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November Blogging Challenge: Day Sixteen

Theme: Another picture of yourself. Hmm… I don’t take photos of myself normally, it’s very unusual for me to do so. But this is a recent photo of myself with my shorter hair cut. I’m gradually learning to like it … Continue reading

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