Superdrug Haul March 2018:

Superdrug Haul March 2018:

I haven’t written a haul post in quite a while, so I’m here with one today as I picked up a few bits and pieces that I needed. There isn’t a huge focus on makeup or skincare, just a few beauty related products, that I want to share with you. All of my products were bought from Superdrug, as the local store has much more variety than the local Boots.

Before I talk about what these products are, I want to have a quick chat about my approach to buying products and kind of why I haven’t done any haul posts in quite a long time. To put it simply, I have been self employed the past 2 years with very limited income, sometimes not finding well-paying work for weeks or months at a time. However, I have a careful mindset for budgeting and had a nest egg from being careful with my money before I went self employed. I’m also fortunate that my husband supports my endeavours to pursue entrepreneurship and works a full time job where I can struggle but keep trying. With these things considered, when I went self employed, I stopped spending money almost entirely that wasn’t on bills, or items that needed immediate replacing.

During university, I didn’t spend my excess income on alcohol, clubbing or the gym, but I spent my money on going to the cinema, buying skincare and makeup – which is where my higher volume of hauls came from in the earlier days of my blog. I have an embarrassingly large stash of makeup and skincare to keep me going for a long time, but the haul you’re reading now is where the gaps in my stash are showing – so my money feels appropriate to spend because I’m replacing something within a matter of days or even immediately.

With all of this context now out of the way, let’s jump into the truly interesting part, the products:

Ecotools Smoothing Detangler Brush:

One of the things I really am lazy about is my managing my hair. I recently got my fringe/bangs cut back in while I was visiting my family the other week, and it’s motivated me to make a bit more effort to look after my hair. My hair is naturally quite thick and frizzy, and I think having a good brush to keep my hair in check might help make it feel like less of a hassle to live with. I used the Ecotools Ultimate Air Dryer Hair Brush for drying my hair, which I adore, so I wanted to try another Ecotools hair brush since I know I can rely on one of their hair brushes already.

Superdrug Loofah:

A bathroom product that just needed replacing is a loofah. The apartment my husband and I are living right now has terrible insulation, which means the cold snap and the cold of winter generally has been really rough to live with it. For my skin, it’s left my skin either dry when exposed to the cold air, or suffocated and breaking out because I’m layering up to compensate. I decided it was time to cut out the possibility of an unhygienic bath tool, and replaced my loofah.

Superdrug Aloe Vera Handy Wipes:

This isn’t really a beauty product, per se, but it’s more of a quality of life one. I spend most of my time at my PC, often drinking tea, eating snacks to keep myself going, etc, which means I need to make sure my hands stay clean (my desk and gear I clean separately), and I’ve decided to try out seeing if using handy wipes helps keeping my hands and desk feeling cleaner for a bit longer. I usually keep a pack of wipes in my bag for when I’m outdoors, but I want something I can grab when I’m working or gaming since I can’t always run to the bathroom to use my hand wash between games.

B. Defining Duo Liner:

While I’m aware B. as a brand aren’t new to Superdrug, but their makeup line being revamped is relatively new to me as a consumer, so when I was looking at replacing my black pen liner, I decided this was a chance to give this brand a shot in their new image. The liner is in “01 Black“, and is going to replace my Gosh Intense Eye Liner Pen in the same colour. It hasn’t run out completely yet, but it’s getting more and more faded with every use, so I want a new liner ready for when it finally gives out: there are fewer things more frustrating than your eyeliner running out before you’ve lined both eyes!

Superdrug Vitamin C Brightening Eye Gel:

Finally, I have an eye cream to replace my current day time eye cream, as I’m only a day or so away from emptying the tube. I haven’t seen or used Superdrug’s Vitamin C line before, so I thought this would be a chance to give it a go when I was browsing earlier. I don’t have any day time eye creams stashed away any more that I think will work with my skin, so I committed to this product as I need to incorporate more Vitamin C into my skincare anyway. I definitely want to review this further down the line, so expect that in a couple of months time.

This concludes all of my purchases from my haul at Superdrug. I didn’t go over £20.00 when shopping today, so the budget-er in me is happy to not have hit my bank account too hard. I’m looking forward to trying out some of these products, so expect a review in the long-term once I’ve given them a try.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it really means a lot to me that you took time out of your day to read it. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you soon.

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