Superdrug Haul: 11/2/2015


To break my silence as a blogger (I can’t really make excuses either, other than being busy and distracted, so same old…) I want to share with you my recent self-indulgent purchases from my local Superdrug. I’ve been trying to cut back on my spending (since I have a lot, and I’m saving money for a special occasion) but since my self-esteem has taken a hit and I’m coming to terms with a very sad event (I’ll leave it at that), I figured it would be okay to treat myself. So, where to begin…



As the weather is still reasonably cold, my skin is having spells of dryness and slightly higher sensitivity, and with my current cleanser now completely run out, I needed a suitable replacement. Having used the toner from this line without any nastiness, and being 1/3 off to boot, the Superdrug own brand Simply Pure: Conditioning Cleanser for sensitive skin seemed like a good choice. I’m hoping it will keep my skin clean without aggravating my skin more than the cold already is. I look forward to reviewing this in future.


Next are sheet masks. These are reasonably new compared to the clay masks that have been on the shelves for years. I admit I am a sucker for sheet masks: they make very little mess and are a great way to relax. Until recently, I’ve only been able to find sheet masks online, so seeing these on the shelves and for 3 for 2 at that, I caved.

From left to right: a tea tree purifying mask, for when my oiliness gets the better of me; a hydrating sheet mask, because the cold winter weather is taking its toll; and finally a sheet mask with aloe vera, because my skin has been more sensitive and uncomfortable compared to usual.




Having hazel eyes with lots of brown in them, brown eyeshadows tend to be a safe bet when playing with looks for the eyes. I’m also a fan of the Maybelline Colour Tattoo pots, since they tend to blend well – which means even I can enhance my eyes with less risk at messing up. This is a new shade called “Chocolate Suede” which I’m hoping will really make the brown hues of my eyes pop. In the very least, it will be a nice addition to my collection of tattoo pots.


Next are my blush indulgences. While browsing I noticed a collection of new makeup by MUA. And since I forgot to bring a blush back to my parent’s I felt like it was worth picking up at least one since such a pale girl can’t possibly go without colour to her cheeks. Of course, I didn’t pick just one, but three. The top one being a very light pink shade called “Rococo”, on the left a medium pink shade called “Hedonic”, and on the right a bold darker pink shade called “Ritzy”. While the last shade is very intimidating to the eye for a pale girl like myself, testing it in-store on my hand it blended nicely on the back of my hand so I decided to take the risk. As cream formulas these should work well in the cold weather when powder blushes can’t quite cut it.


Finally, a product that’s a bit different from anything else that exists in my collection. I have eyeshadow primers, face primers, but not a lip primer. So seeing this as a new product along with the blushes, this sparked my curiosity. I’m avoiding setting expectations for this product, but I’m hoping its a worthy investment. Either way, I look forward to reviewing it in the future.

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  1. That colour tattoo looks an interesting colour. I love them so much. I have four or five, but think I need more!

    • Hollypop says:

      They are really nice products. 🙂 I have a few of them myself: On and On Bronze, the Taupe shade, the new white shade that came out with the shade I wrote about in the post. I have a couple of others but my memory is terrible so I can’t remember which ones they are. 😛

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