Spring Time Go-To Lip Products 2018:

Spring Time Go-To Lip Products 2018

Since I’ve been on a roll with my first impressions and reviews lately, I wanted to switch things up a bit by talking about the lip products I’ve picked out to sit on the top of my makeup setup. When I thought about writing this post, it encouraged me to swap out my previously picked out lip products and create a spring-time selection instead, so that’s the ‘theme’ I’m working with. If you’d like me to show off my overall makeup stand/setup, let me know with a comment. I’d rather not waffle about it right now, but I’d be happy to write up a separate post to talk through it. So without further ado, I’m going to go through each row, starting from the front and working backwards.

Spring Time Go-To Lip Products 2018

The first row are my lip balms and my-lips-but-better lip sticks that I find myself most likely to grab first. You probably recognise the first two from my Review: MUA Sweet Sheen Lip Balms post, but these are two products that haven’t budged from their spot on my makeup stand. I used to reach for ‘Cherry Bomb‘ (left) more often, but as spring is starting to ease in, I’m reaching for ‘Coral Reef‘ (right) more often now for a warmer touch of colour on my lips. I love both of these shades and know they’ll probably sit on my makeup stand until I either use them up, or they simply go off. Hopefully it’s the former.

Sitting third in line, is the L’OREAL Color Riche Lipstick in ‘Julianne’s Nude‘. It’s a pinker-toned nude that I find works well for my neutral-cool undertones. It’s my reliable go-to lipstick for when I want my lips to look more polished without looking too in-your-face.

The final lipstick on the front row is the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in ‘002 Pink Pout‘. This is one of the matte formulas from this line and is a bit of a push outside my comfort zone. It’s a lavender-toned pink, which I’m still deciding if I like how it looks on my lips, but I’m putting it on my makeup stand so I reach for it more. I think spring time is a good time to try and encourage myself to try it though, so it’s sitting directly where I can see it when I’m putting my makeup on.

Spring Time Go-To Lip Products 2018

Moving on to the second row, this is where my liquid lip products are sitting. All of these lip products are from Bourjois, and are from two sections of the Rouge Edition lines. The first two are from the Souffle de Velvet line, in the shades ‘05 Fuschiamallow‘ (left) and ‘04 Ravie en Rose‘ (right). Both shades correlate really well with the MUA Lip Sheens from the front row, and are the liquid lip versions in terms of formula. I have these set aside for the days I want to make my lips look more matte but have those pretty spring-time tones. My favourite is ‘05 Fuschiamallow‘ as I prefer more pinky-red tones over orange tones, but both look great on the lips.

The two on the right are from the original Velvet line, in the shades ‘11 Hap’pink‘ (left) and ‘07 Nude-ist‘ (right). Both of these shades fit the more my-lips-but-better tones, I find I reach for ‘07 Nude-ist‘ more often in the autumnal months, or when I want a somber sort of look. It’s slightly darker than my natural lip colour, so it’s great for days when I want my lips to make a bit more of a statement without pushing me too far out of my comfort zone either. ‘11 Hap’pink‘ I see myself using more often for the spring months, as it’s more pink and bright in comparison, and closer to my natural lip colour but still makes a bright and happy statement.

Spring Time Go-To Lip Products 2018

Finally, the last row, it’s mostly placeholders as I don’t wear lip glosses often, and the only lip stick on this row is back up for where the other Revlon lipstick is sitting on the front row. I’ll explain this in more detail shortly.

So the first lip gloss is from The Body Shop and is the standard clear lip gloss in ‘01‘. It lacks a definitive name, unfortunately. It’s currently unopened, but it sits on my vanity so I can reach for it easily when I do eventually find a time where I want to wear a clear lip gloss. I personally don’t wear lip glosses often as I find most formulas are extremely sticky to the point of obstructive – I’m a live streamer and wearing lip glosses is off-putting if it makes my lips stick together and makes speaking more difficult. But I do like the idea of having them available for when I’m in the right mood, so I can never quite bring myself to declutter them. This particular lip gloss remains in my collection because you can’t really go wrong with a clear gloss for applying over any shade. My last reason for being nervous about lip glosses is that I have long hair, which loves to stray onto my face and the idea of sticky hair strands creeps me out, so I can only see myself where lip glosses on days where my hair is securely out of my face.

The next two are from E.L.F. back when I still lived in Cardiff where I purchased them in-store before the store was shut down/revamped. The first is the shade ‘#82549 Funky Fuchsia‘ which looks a little darker than it does in-person, and the second is the shade ‘#82546 Wild Watermelon‘ and a shade I think will really suit the spring and summer months particularly. Both of these are also unopened, but since these are the only other lip glosses in my collection, they have a permanent seat on my vanity until I decide if I want to keep them. Time will tell, but just at a glance, I adore these sorts of shades.

Finally, my placeholder lipstick is the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in the shade ‘415 Pink in the Afternoon‘ and originally a shade I picked up after watching Bubzbeauty recommend it years ago. Yea, if you’re a fellow long-term subscriber to Bubz, you may even know which video it was, which says a lot for how long this has sat in my collection. It’s a warmer toned pink, and a bit of a push outside of my normal shade range, as I prefer neutral to cooler toned pinks to fit more comfortably with my neutral-cooler undertones. This is sitting as placeholder while I figure out if I like the ‘Pink Pout’ shade I mentioned above, and will take it’s place on the front row if I decide to declutter it. If I don’t though, this sits comfortably at the back here as I know I can depend on this shade for a warmer but subtle touch of colour on my lips.

These are all of the lip products on my vanity for spring time. This doesn’t mean I won’t reach for the other lip products in my drawers, but they’re set aside as my reliable lip products that are in quick and easy reach. I hope you enjoyed reading this post, please let me know if you enjoy reading these types of posts, if you do, I’d love to write more. If you have any questions, please let me know with a comment, as I would love to be assistance. In the meantime, please take care, and I hope you are happy and healthy.

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