Spring and Summer Go-To Makeup Brushes 2019:

Spring and Summer Go-To Makeup Brushes 2019

Happy Wednesday! As we find ourselves in the middle of the week, I’m going to finish a series with a category I didn’t initially plan on including. As you figured out from the title, I’m going to share with you the makeup brushes I’ll be reaching for throughout spring and summer.

I didn’t plan to include it because makeup brushes for me don’t really change much. Some of these brushes I’ve owned for around four years and counting, and honestly, what you see in my photo above is most of my collection. However, I decided to include this category anyway because there is a small portion of my makeup brush collection that is sitting on the back burner.

My makeup brush collection isn’t particularly big, especially as I don’t have duplicates of the same brushes or the same shape/purpose with exception to two of the brushes I’ll be sharing today which I’ll explain in detail later. So when I talk about my go-to makeup brushes, it’s more the brushes I’m depending on for my consistent makeup looks. With all of that out in the open, let’s jump in:

Spring and Summer Go-To Makeup Brushes 2019

Starting with my eyeshadow brushes, the first batch begins with the EcoTools Eyeshadow Brush. I love to use this to pack on colour on my eyelids, and let’s me apply colour in layers, so I can build the intensity to what looks best for me. The tapered nature of the hairs also let’s me have precision so I can also chisel out the shape of the crease with my eyelid shade ready for the eyeshadows to come.

A brush I’ve been more experimental with in the past few weeks is the B. Eye Contour Brush. Initially I was using this to apply my crease shades as it applies colour softly and subtly to the eyes. In the past couple of weeks though, I’ve been experimenting with using it to pack dark matte eyeshadows to my outer-thirds of my eyelids and I’ve been really enjoying the result. It’s let me really push myself out of my comfort zone as I’m not sticking to barely-there eyeshadow looks all of the time now. It’s been a fun experience.

I also love reaching for the Real Techniques Shading Brush for when I want more intense and precise placement of eyeshadow, or want to place colour on my lower lash-line. The latter is quite rare for me to do, as my under-eyes are prone to irritation or redness easily, but on good-skin days, this brush let’s me achieve that. Most commonly, I use this brush to place matte dark eyeshadows in the outer-third/crease, although this is less often now that I’m using the B. Cosmetics brush which I just talked about.

Spring and Summer Go-To Makeup Brushes 2019

Moving to the second batch of my eyeshadow brushes, these are all from various travel sets, both for the face and eyes. The first brush is the EcoTools Large Eye Brush, which I like to use to place my highlight shade on the brow bone. Compared to my eyes, it’s quite large and too big for placing eyeshadow directly on the eyelids, but if I want a subtle sheen on my brow bone, I love to reach for this brush.

The next brush is also from EcoTools, although I’m struggling to find the name of it, but this is a brush I like to use to pack on colour on my lids that I want only on specific areas of my eyelids. For example I’ve been experimenting with placing colour on my inner third of the eyelid for pops of colour with neutral shades. I also like to use this in place of the large eye brush if I want more saturated and specific placement of colour on my brow bone.

One of my most loved brushes is the EcoTools Highlighting Brush, which is my go-to brush for blending shades together or just blending out my crease. It’s the ideal shape and size for my eyelids. I could at a stretch use this to place highlighter on the brow bone, but I prefer to use my other eyeshadow brushes instead.

Lastly the EcoTools Smudger Brush is my go-to brush for placing highlights in my inner corner or for really packing colour on my lower lash-line. I typically use it for the former though, and love how intense a highlight it can create.

Spring and Summer Go-To Makeup Brushes 2019

Moving to face brushes, the first is my all-time favourite brush and my most versatile. The EcoTools Retractable Kabuki Brush goes everywhere with me, and I love using this for applying setting powder at the end of my makeup routine, and for touching up with a mattifying powder throughout the day. The retractable funnel let’s you adjust the density of the brush hairs, so it can function as a blush brush, highlighting brush or a contour/bronzing brush if you want it to. I have used this brush for blush in the past, but I prefer to use it for setting and mattifying powders the majority of the time.

The Real Techniques Stippling Brush is one that felt out of place in my makeup routine for a while. This works great for stippling in foundation, but I don’t wear foundation at the moment. I’ve tried using this as an alternative brush for setting and mattifying powders, but found it didn’t work well with it. When I pulled out the GOSH Giant Blushes, I tested this with them and loved how it applied the cream formula. It let’s me apply the cream formulas from the brush instead of swiping the cream directly onto the face and create a subtle flush on my cheeks without the risk of a streak on my face. It was astonishing how one formula took a brush from “meh” in my mind, to absolutely necessary.

Spring and Summer Go-To Makeup Brushes 2019

For powder blushes, I alternate between two brushes depending on how I want to place the blush. The Real Techniques Blush Brush is what I reach for when I want a soft flush of colour all over the cheeks that looks more blended and ‘barely there’. I have a relatively petite face so this applies blush all over my cheeks.

When I want more concentrated placement of blush, I reach for the EcoTools Taper Blush Brush. The brush hairs are more pinched together, so the colour applies directly and only on my cheeks. I find blush applies with more pigmentation, so it’s great for paler blush shades or blushes that are more buildable.

The last brush is the E.L.F. Flawless Concealer Brush, which I use for applying highlighter. I don’t use brushes to apply or blend concealer, as I prefer the warmth and control of my fingers to place and blend my concealer. Because it is a smaller head of hairs, it places highlighter very precisely, but the tapered nature of the hairs let’s me have room to smooth and blend out highlighter so it’s not one long streak of shimmer. Highlighter (and bronzer/contour) is intimidating for me, and I’m definitely in a place of “apply as little as possible and be as unnoticeable as possible” even though I realise how counter-intuitive that is. I could also see this brush working for contouring as it’s so precise, however I don’t really contour.

Honestly, this is the brush I expect to use the least often of the ones I’ve included today, but I am enjoying experimenting with highlighter lately, so I thought it was worth mentioning anyway.

This concludes my go-to makeup brushes for spring and summer of 2019. I do have other makeup brushes I haven’t included today that I will likely reach for every now and then, but the ones I’ve talked about today are the ones I expect to use on a frequent basis.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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