Spring and Summer Go-To Eyeshadows – 2019:

Spring and Summer Go-To Eyeshadows - 2019

Happy Monday! As the week begins again, I want to continue the series where I talk about the products I’m going to be reaching for throughout spring and summer. As far as eyeshadows go, my looks tend to be extremely neutral and subtle, so you’ll certainly see a theme here. I do go through phases where I try to be experimental though, so as you’ve probably figured out, I do have the occasional pop of colour in there. This isn’t my eyeshadow collection exclusively, but I’ve picked out the eyeshadows that I know I’ll be reaching for the most.

Spring and Summer Go-To Eyeshadows - 2019

If there’s one thing that’s always going to be in my eyeshadow collection, it’s some form of purely matte palette. The one sitting in my collection right now is the MUA Ever After – Matte Palette. I don’t use every single shade in this palette, but I use 8 out of the 10 shades fairly regularly.

The two shades I don’t really reach for is the yellow shade, which is the second shade on the top row, and the blue that’s second-to-last on the bottom row. The yellow is definitely way too much for my very pale skin tone, as much as I’d love to be able to make it work. I’m easily put off by blues as I struggle to make them work. I’m not sure why they don’t quite look right, but I am experimenting from time to time, but it’s definitely not a regular pick for me.

I really like that this palette tailors with warm and cool tones, and depending on whether I’m going to go with a warm or cool look, I alternate between the shades. I absolutely adore the shade ‘Unwrap‘ which is the top left shade as it’s universally great for highlighting my brow bone.

Of the shades I use the most, the darkest shade called ‘Smoke’ on the bottom right is the one I use the least. However, I like to use it as a setting powder for when I use pencil or gel eyeliners, as it’s dark enough to help fill in where a pencil or gel didn’t, while holding the liner underneath in place.

I love this palette for how flexible it is, particularly as most of these shades tailor to my tastes. This palette sits in the matte shadow drawer of my acrylic makeup drawers, alongside some other matte single shadows that I don’t reach for as often.

Spring and Summer Go-To Eyeshadows - 2019

Moving to smaller eyeshadows, a trio I’ve been trying out recently is the GOSH Eyelight Trio in ‘002 Fairytale‘. I’ve had this hidden in my eyeshadow stash for a while now, but I’ve been curious to try and make pink-tones work for my pale skin. A lot of the time they can make me look like my hayfever is really acting up, but I’m determined to make some cute and tasteful looks from these kinds of colours.

I pair this eyeshadow palette with some other matte single shadows that complement the pink and purple tones, but I also like to pull some of the cool tone brown shades from the MUA Ever After – Matte Palette that I talked about earlier. This palette is entirely made up of shimmery shades, so this isn’t one I’d use on its own. I typically pick either the pink or purple shade as an all-over eyelid shade, then pick deeper shades from elsewhere in my collection like a described a moment ago, then use the palest pink as an inner corner highlight.

On days I’m not reaching for my MUA Ever After – Matte Palette, I reach for my single eyeshadows, which as you can see, have a bit of a dent in them. I like to reach for the Essence The Velvets eyeshadow in ‘01 Fluffy Clouds‘ to highlight my brow bone, as it has very fine and barely detectable shimmer in it. It has enough sheen to highlight, but it’s also pale enough a shade that it actually highlights on my already very pale skin.

A single eyeshadow I’ve had for years and also featured in my Autumnal Go-To Eyeshadows 2018 post, is The Body Shop Colour Crush Eyeshadow in ‘110 Sand By Me‘. This is my go-to eyeshadow for the days when all I want to do is tone down my veiny-looking eyelids and set my primer of choice down. It’s slightly darker than my actual skin tone, but it’s close enough that it doesn’t look weird on the lids. I also like to grab that to blend out crease shades as well, on days that I’m not reaching for my MUA palette.

Ultimately, my single eyeshadows are supplements for days when I’m not reaching for my palettes, so they see fairly equal use. It mostly depends on what I’m reaching for from my collection on a given day.

Spring and Summer Go-To Eyeshadows - 2019

Lastly, I’m throwing in a bonus with my customisable magnetic palette in here, as I reach for this a lot as well depending on my tastes on a given day. This is just a simple palette I ordered off of Amazon, specifically this one here. It does the job well, while not being particularly fancy, and holds a fair number of shadows in it. If you want to hold larger pans like cheek products, I’d suggest finding a bigger palette though.

The top row of shades are from the Collection Work the Colour Nude Eye Palette which I included in my Autumnal Go-To Eyeshadows 2018 post. I did have the two lighter shades but I plan to declutter them as they’re a bit too shimmery for my eyelids, so you can expect to see those as the beginning of May. It was ‘fun’ de-potting these eyeshadows, and was quite messy, but as you can probably see, a couple of the shades are very loved.

The Body Shop Frosted Pastels

Along the bottom I de-potted three of the four shades from The Body Shop Frosted Pastels palette which you can see above. The shades are very soft, but I couldn’t make the blue shade work. I’m still undecided on how I feel about the shimmery gunmetal shade, but the highlight and taupe are very much up my alley. I’m not reaching for these shades much while my Collection pans are in there, as I’m actively trying to use them up, but I know they will be go-tos for me when they’re used up.

This concludes the eyeshadows that I’ll be reaching for throughout spring and summer. I will be grabbing for other eyeshadows throughout my collection, particularly to pair with the vast amount of neutral shadows I have, but these are the ones I see myself grabbing for the most. My intention for my makeup collection is to find my go-tos and stick to them until they’re used up, so this is a series that is really fun for me to curate.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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