So I Cut My Hair…

Hollypop Although I don’t talk about my hair very often, I have written before about my *mild* sentimental attachment to my long hair that I had grown over many many years. For a long time I valued my hair as a physical asset of myself that helped me stand out: very few of the girls I worked with had hair as long as mine and even one of my friends/colleagues enjoyed reminding me how much she wished she could grow her hair as long as mine. Although I wasn’t proud of my hair, I mean I’m a really low maintenance kind of girl when it comes to my hair, can you blame me for feeling a little warm inside when someone tells you they admire something about you, even if it’s not the important stuff like your personality?

The photo above doesn’t really do justice about how long my hair was when I went to the hair dressers on Friday, and despite telling myself to over and over, I completely forgot to take a “before” photo. All though I did have a busy morning, so I’m not going to beat myself up over it. So I’ll have to make do with describing it: at 4pm when I went to get my hair cut, my hair in its slightly wavy self, fell down to my waist – another 2-4 weeks and I think it would be almost at my hips. And now?

Now, my hair is significantly shorter! Much much shorter! Let’s ignore the fact that I’m awkward at taking selfies, I admit that I normally avoid taking photos of myself… But now my hair is much more manageable and although I’m still getting used to it, I really like it. I miss my long hair, and I wish I had remember to take a photo of all the clippings on the salon floor, but just take my word for it, it was a lot.

I initially didn’t plan on talking about my new hair adventure – I can’t imagine it’s particularly interesting to read about, but in its own kind of way it has been an adventure and a risk. My plan initially was to have the lengthy cut slightly longer, approximately to my mid-chest area, but I wanted to stay a bit more true to my inspiration.

HowlingNeko Artwork Speaking of my inspiration, my hair cut was strongly inspired by a sketch a friend of mine posted on his Facebook page, which for a little while while I had been trying to figure out what my hair cut would be, just stuck in my mind. The image above is by my good friend who goes by the name Howling_Neko and you can check him out on Twitter and Instagram, and if you’re a gamer like myself, he also live streams under the same username on Twitch. I honestly cannot get enough of his artwork, and he’s a fantastic guy, so if you liked the image I inserted above, you can check it out directly on his Facebook post. For the sake of writing from my iPad and my technical illiteracy I used my own copy of the photo to show you guys, but I have also included the direct link. Cause stealing photos is not cool, and not something I would do to my friend or anyone else.

Honestly, I am super happy about my new hair look, I’m still getting used to it a few days in, but it is amazing what a difference it has done to my confidence. And boy, have I needed that boost!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, I apologise I had such a long gap between them. Some personal stuff has been propping up recently and it’s really hit my confidence and my motivation to do stuff, but I am getting back on track and will be back to my usual once-a-week-at-least writing schedule.

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