September Empties 2017:

September Empties 2017

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September has rolled past me so fast it’s actually a shock to my system. I apologise for not getting this post out yesterday, I planned to write this up after returning home from dinner with my parents, but then I realised that the night draws in much earlier now, and my photo opportunity was gone for the day. Silly me. I did however get the photos for tomorrow’s “Products I’m Passing On” done as I dropped those off to Mum when I was visiting, so it’s not all bad. I won’t faff around anymore though and jump into the meat of the post, as I used up more products than I expected.

So to kick it off, I used up my latest pack of cotton rounds, which while not ‘exciting’ are for me quite important parts of my skincare routine. The ones I recently finished are from Tesco, which are quite soft and not too abrasive on the skin. I personally prefer Superdrug’s cotton rounds, as they are even softer and cause no irritation to my skin at all, but I ordered this with my online grocery order a couple of weeks ago when I ran out and urgently needed more. I’ve tried Boot’s cotton pads in the past and found them to be really scratchy on my skin, even when I spritz a toner or cleansing water on them, so I know I can rely on Tesco or Boots for their cotton rounds.

Keeping with the top row, I finally used my Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It facial scrub, which I reviewed in detail here. I’ve opened up my backup which is now in my bathroom, so hopefully that’s a good TLDR for how much I appreciate this product. If you want more details on my thoughts on it, I encourage you to read the review post I wrote on dedicated for this product. If you’re interested in buying, I have an affiliate link *here*, however, you are under no obligation to use it. I look forward to continuing using this more, since I busted out my backup of this.

Next, another product I reviewed earlier this year, is the Superdrug Naturally Radiant 2 in 1 Moisturiser and Serum, which I had been enjoying for many months. It’s lasted a really long time, which I have been so happy about, and it felt great on my oily-sensitive skin. If I didn’t have so many serums stashed away ready to be tried out, I would repurchase this again since it is so affordable. Many in 5 years when I finally work through this stash.

A product that isn’t truly an empty, but simply past it’s time, is my The Body Shop Solid Oil Lips in the Wild Argan Oil variant. It’s a nice product for what it is, but it’s mostly inconvenient for someone like me who works at a desk. It requires you to use your fingers to apply it which makes me so uncomfortable as I then type with my keyboard with potentially oily fingertips. I prefer chapstick-style lip balms, so it’s just a case of it’s not quite my fit. If it were in a stick form, I’d be much happier with it. I can’t really justify passing this on to my Mum either, so I decided it was time to just bin it.

Another product that isn’t truly ’empty’ but I can’t justify passing on either, is the Fade Out Extra Care Eye Defense Cream with SPF 25. It’s a great product, albeit quite runny, but it’s the only eye cream I have been able to find here in the UK (and somewhat affordable) that has SPF in it, but the downside of it being so runny is that is leaks out of the nozzle you squeeze it from, and it goes off in the lid. I can’t convince myself that I can clean it up enough to keep it sanitary, and I also can’t convince myself it’s a risk worth taking. If you have suggestions for eye creams with SPF in it that are reasonably affordable, please let me know, I want to replace this guy as soon as I can.

Lastly, I’m sad to pass on my Soap & Glory Archery Brow Tint & Precision Shaping Pencil. It’s a nice product, but unfortunately, while the pen applicator end dried up a couple of months ago, the wax pencil has also dried up during September, so it’s time to throw this one away. I do have to say though, if you wear makeup/do your brows every day or so, you’ll use this up before you reach my situation. I wear makeup once or twice at most lately, as I work from home and don’t leave the house often, so I just didn’t use this regularly enough to get the full use out of it. I still consider this money well spent though, but I am excited to try other brow products I’ve been stashing away.

And that’s all of the products I used up or am throwing away from September. I think it was a successful month, and has made room for new products to enter my routine that in the coming months I’ll review and talk about. Tomorrow I will post the products I passed on from September, which is looking to be quite a busy post, so I hope you’ll check that post out too.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post though, it truly means the world to me. I hope you are doing well, and that you are happy and healthy.

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