Sample Stash: #1


Sample Stash 01 I’m sure I’m not the only blogger out there with a sample stash. Whether they’re from magazines or from online purchases (you’ll see plenty of those in later posts for this series) or if you’re contact by companies who are happy to send you things to try out (I have yet to experience this, which is probably for the best with how much stuff I have already, aha… Ha…) but have a stash of sample sized products to try out is a blessing and a curse.

A blessing? Well should you travel you have little things to take with you and it saves you from bottling your skincare as you pack. A curse? Well, mine have sat here untouched since I just can’t decide when to use them! So about a month ago I came up with an idea to push myself to use these guys by showing you what’s being kept in my little box, then any that appeal to you guys, you can give me a *nudge* to try them out, since I want to tailor my blog posts a bit more to what you guys are interested in reading. I will most likely write about these at some point in the future, I love sharing my thoughts with you all, and you’re so kind and respectful back that it really gives me so much confidence, however, if something in this series really intrigues you, please tell me and it’ll get me actively trying them out knowing you want to know. (That was a bit wordy, huh?)

Sample Stash 01 To kick things off, I came across this sample of the Balance Me. Pure Skin Face Wash as a freebie in a magazine (I wish I could remember which one. I plan on writing this stuff down in future.) and since its from a brand I’ve never used before, I was curious and am still curious to see if this is any good. I love that this claims to be for normal/combination skin, since this should be perfect to try out this autumn/winter since my skin tends to get slightly less oily around that time of year.

Sample Stash 01 The next few samples are by The Organic Pharmacy, including a cleansing gel, face cream and a lip balm. They seem to be from the same line of skincare products, with roses as the central ingredient. They claim to be suitable for all skin types, so I’m curious to see how well they’ll work with my oily and sensitive skin.

Sample Stash 01
The final trio of sample for this post is by Ren, which includes a cleansing milk, day cream and eye gel. Of the three products, the eye gel is the one that actually appeals to me. The cleansing milk I’m suspecting to not work terribly well with my oily skin, but I do plan on giving it a chance to prove me wrong. The day cream neither makes me excited or fills me with dread, but again it could prove me wrong by being amazing with my skin or just not compatible at all.

This was the first post for my sample stash series. I’m really looking forward to showing you some of the little samples from Korean brands later down the line, since I have been very passionate about trying Korean skincare for the past few years. I hope this post was interesting enough to read, and it any of these stand out to you that you want to read about, definitely let me know by leaving a comment and I will make sure to try them out. As always, I’m super happy you took the time to read my post, and I hope you look forward to more of my posts in the future.

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