Review: XX Revolution XXACT Eyeliner

XX Revolution XXACT Eyeliner

Happy Wednesday! Let’s have a chat today about a makeup product from XX Revolution – a branch of Revolution Beauty. The brand can be found on their website, but is also stocked at one of my local Boots. This is the XXACT Eyeliner, which is a gel eyeliner pencil. I picked up the shade ‘Chestnut‘, to dip my toe into this eyeliner line.

Starting with the packaging, I love how sleek it looks. It sits upright in my acrylic storage, and looks very classy and modern. It really stands out in my collection, and has a very luxury look to it. While the aesthetic of packaging isn’t the main focus of what I look for in makeup -it’s definitely a lower priority- I do appreciate when makeup packaging is appealing to the eye.

It’s also very comfortable and easy to use: the cap pulls off very easily, but it has some resistance that reassures me it won’t come off easily on its own. The packaging is also very slender which is wonderful if you’re taking a makeup bag with you, especially if you’re still commuting to work, getting necessary errands done, etc.

My only issue so far is that the one I have doesn’t twist back down fully, so I’m nervous that it’ll eventually get squished and ruined when I put the cap back on. So this is my first issue.

The formula itself quite creamy, but it has enough resistance to it that I don’t feel clumsy when applying it. It’s fairly easy to control when applying to the eyelids, which I really like.

My second gripe is that once you’ve used the eyeliner once, the initial tip of the eyeliner is gone. There isn’t a sharpener to re-sharpen the tip, and it won’t fit properly in a conventional sharpener. So after the first application, the tip isn’t narrow enough for my hooded eyelids.

Spot the puppy~

On the eyelids, the ‘Chestnut’ shade is a very subtle and flattering medium brown, and great for my no-eyeshadow or very minimal eyeshadow looks. Since I’m enjoying experimenting with my eyeshadows lately, I don’t find this shade is a deep enough brown for my preferences.

However, if you prefer to wear no eyeshadow and just want to have an eyeliner to help define your eyes, or wear very little eyeshadow, this is a decent eyeliner. If you have more eyelid space, you shouldn’t have too many issues with the blunt tip.

If you have smaller eyelid space like myself, then you will probably experience the same frustration that I did where some of the pigment transferred from your lash line to the upper eyelid space after a few hours. That’s my third major gripe. However, I do find it’s quite waterproof. I’ve worn this on walks with my puppy in the rain and it hasn’t budged. So I think it’s my oily eyelids that cause it to transfer.

I’ve tried applying darker eyeshadow on top to help add some extra depth to the shade and ‘set’ the eyeshadow, but I find that applying eyeshadow on top just removes the eyeliner underneath. Something about this eyeliner doesn’t want to cooperate with eyeshadow placed on top, which is another gripe.

Overall, I don’t plan on keeping this in my collection. I plan to pass this along to my mum whenever I’m allowed to next see her (we’re in lockdown in the UK at the time of writing). I think she might like this as she doesn’t wear eyeshadow very often and may work for her.

I don’t plan on purchasing any of the other shades, but I do think this is good for the minimal makeup crowd, and have large enough eyelid space to make it work. It’s not a terrible eyeliner, as I think there is a very specific group of makeup users that this could work for, but because it’s such a specific group that I don’t recommend it on a general basis.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon!

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