Review: Witch Blemish Gel

Witch Blemish Gel

Happy Friday, today I want to talk about a relatively new product to my skin treatment routine, which is the Witch Blemish Gel, which you can find in Superdrug. I tried looking this up on Superdrug’s site but it’s not listed, but I’m fairly confident I saw this in my local store so you should be able to find it. This sits next to my facial oil, where I reach for either of these when my skin needs it.

While it’s not 100% verified, the brand claims to not test on animals, which you can read from their FAQ page under the second question. Whether you believe their claim is entirely up to you. I bought this product quite a long time before going cruelty-free so at the time this wasn’t actively on my mind.

As for the product itself, on the front of the tube it claims to:

  • “Dissolves excess oils and clear pores

  • Gets to work instantly”

As a concept it’s an interesting product and ended up replacing the The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil in terms of function after I emptied it. The idea of a fast-acting pore treatment is really appealing for me, as I have regular-large sized pores depending on the areas of my face, and they get clogged easily and often in spite of my efforts. So when I pulled this out, I took a really close look at my pores, particularly on my nose as they’re where they clog the most often – and embarrassingly get mistaken for freckles.

Witch Blemish Gel

The back of the tube also has some claims, so I want to list these for you as well (I apologise for the photo, it looked focused when I took it but the lighting is quite low today):

Witch Blemish Gel instantly absorbs deep into your pores, cooling your skin and dissolving excess oils. Deep cleanses by tackling the source of blemishes.

Directions: Every night after you’ve washed your face, dab a little Blemish Gel onto problem areas. While you sleep the gel gets to work – cleansing your pores.

Great for all skin types but especially oily-combination skin. As with all skincare products use with caution on sensitive skin.”

So a little bit of a repeat initially from the front of the tube. But it expands a little bit to explain how it’s designed to be an overnight deep cleansing treatment for the pores and problem areas of the face, intended to be applied to specific areas and not necessarily as an overall face product. I appreciate the recognition for their intended skin type – which is meant to be as applicable to as many skin types as possible, but particularly beneficial for oily-combination skin types. This is mostly common sense, but I appreciate when brands are upfront and transparent about this kind of thing, especially when suggesting caution for sensitive skin types. This is likely out of obligation, but it’s something I respect nonetheless.

You might be aware, but I have oily-sensitive skin, so I looked at this product with both excitement and apprehension. On the one hand, this could work great for my oily-clogged skin/pores, but because my skin does have its sensitivities, I was initially a bit anxious that it might irritate my skin.

As far as application goes, I use a cotton bud to apply this to the skin. So I’ll squeeze small amounts of the gel out of the tube at a time, dip the cotton bud into it, then dab onto the skin where I need it, then repeat this process until I’ve applied enough to all the areas of my face I want to treat. I prefer to apply this way for a couple of reasons: the first being that using a cotton bud means I’m not using my fingers directly onto my skin, which seems more hygienic to me. The second reason is that this makes the product last a lot longer, which as you may know: if a product can fall into the “a little goes a long way” category of thinking, it’s instantly a much better product to me. I’ve been using this product for roughly a month, and I’ve barely made a ‘dent’ into the product. It still feels like it’s a full tube, so it may be a while before I review another acne-treatment product.

Witch Blemish Gel

As far as the formula goes: it’s a very thick gel, but this isn’t so obvious when applied with a cotton bud. The amount I swatched in the photo above is how much I’d expect to use over the course of a week if I use this every night. I do use this nightly at the moment, although this might change when winter fully sets in for us here in the UK.

In terms of performance, it’s a bit of a weird product. I find this product works its best on days that I showered – as this is when I use my clay masks, a more deep-cleaning gel cleanser, and I feel like in conjunction with this routine, this works well with all of them.

On the days that I haven’t showered (I shower every other day to avoid my scalp getting oilier and oilier) I find this product is not as noticeably effective. It is still doing its job, but it’s not as drastic. I watched for the clogged pores on my nose, and I found using this helps to gradually de-clog those pores. Inevitably the appearance of my pores isn’t fully gone, but my pores do look clearer.

One of the factors that I particularly like about this product is that even when I had the flu and sinusitis, I didn’t find this product irritating for my skin, in spite of my skin feeling more on the sensitive side.

Overall, I’m quite happy with this product. By no means do I consider it ‘perfect’ but it works well with my skin so far, and I can see this getting a lot of use throughout spring and summer. Right now it’s working well for my skin, but I won’t be surprised if I hide this in my ‘opened products on the bench’ box over winter and then pull this out again at a later date. If you’re curious what’s in that box, let me know, I might write a post showing you products that are waiting to get introduced back into my routine at a later date.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I apologise for no blog post on Wednesday, I’m currently a little short on blog post ideas. In the mean time, I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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