Review: Tri-Peptox Collagen+ Recharge Night Cream

Tri-Peptox Night Cream

For a little while now, I’ve been trialing a night cream I found in TK Maxx, which is by the brand TRI-Peptox Triple Peptide Technology. I have never heard of this brand before seeing this product in-store, and picked it up thinking this could be a first step into proper anti-ageing products in my night time routine. At 22 years old, this isn’t something I’m particularly worried about, but I do like to plan ahead, so more than anything, this was a purchase based on curiosity. The original price of this is apparently £8.99, but in TK Maxx, I paid £3.99.

So what does this product claim it can do? As you can probably tell from the photo above (and if you’re struggling to read it, let me quote it for you” it claims to:

  • Smooth + hydrate skin
  • Encourage cell renewal + skin elasticity
  • Improves skin’s tone

Overnight Recharge Cream

These are some really nice claims, things that, although my skin is still very young, it does suffer with some stubborn acne scars, so ‘encouraging cell renewal’ is very appealing. I also have naturally pale skin, so it can look dull at times, so improving my skin tone is another very positive factor. As for the hydration, well you expect that from any moisturiser right?


So the basic idea is that you apply this over the face and neck during the evenings, and as you sleep it gets to work. Nothing out of the ordinary, very easy to do. Personally, after a few tries all over my face, I stuck to just using it on my cheeks and jaw line, as it was too much for my oiliest areas of my face. The cream itself is pretty thick, as you would expect of a night time moisturiser, and even on my cheeks and jaw line, was a bit too heavy for me. It did speed up my acne scars fading ever so slightly, but it did also block some of the pores on my cheeks, and then new acne appeared. It’s not exactly a win-win situation.

I think for drier skin, this would work really well, but even my cheeks and jaw are mildly oily so it’s just a shame this cream is still too rich for my skin type. I plan on passing this on to my Mum, and give her a chance to see if this works for her. Although now I’ve switched to a lighter weight day cream while I wait for a parcel to arrive with my replacement night cream.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it really makes me happy if it can be useful to even just one person. If you have any questions about this product, feel free to submit a comment.

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