Review: The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture-Protect Lip Care

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture-Protect Lip Care

Happy Friday, to end the working week, I want to talk about a product that’s close to being used up, but somehow it’s slipped my attention to review it: The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture-Protect Lip Care lip balm. This is from the Vitamin E range tailored for all skin types, which I’m fairly experienced with, as I’ve reviewed other products from this line. The lip balm retails for £5.50, which is a reasonable enough price for a lip balm, in my opinion. I’m one of those people who works through lip balms very quickly, so I don’t want to spend a lot of money on each tube. Although in this case, because I bought this during a 40% off sale, it made it much more affordable.

While the packaging itself doesn’t have many claims on it, the website does, so I want to list them and then talk through them:

“Our vitamin E lip balm moisturises and protects the delicate lip area against harsh weather conditions which cause dry, chapped lips. Formulated with vitamin E, coconut and olive oils. Use as part of your skincare programme.”

It’s fairly standard as far as I’m concerned for a lip balm, focusing on moisturising and protecting the lips. The protecting aspect I assume is because of the presence of sun screen – SPF 15 PA++ – to be specific, so it’s tailored to be used indoors or outdoors. The claims about being able to withstand harsh weather conditions is the part I find questionable, but I’ll elaborate on that when I talk about my experiences.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture-Protect Lip Care

The packaging itself is very slim and short, making it a really convenient size to keep in your desk, a makeup bag, etc. In my case, this is my desk-buddy and sits in a partition in my desk, and I’ll grab it when my lips need a top of moisture. I don’t really take this with me outdoors very often, although it does occasionally go in my makeup bag when I walk into the city centre. However, it’s main purpose for me is for touch-ups throughout the day.

As far as the formula goes, it’s a bit weird for me to try to describe. As conventional as the formula is, it doesn’t have that slick feeling on the lips, so it has a tiny bit more resistance on the lips even though I wouldn’t describe it as tugging either. Because of it, it’s great for touch-ups as it doesn’t leave my lips feeling greasy, which makes me feel uncomfortable. While I am trying out a lip primer for well… priming, the lips, this does work well as a pre-lipstick product, as it doesn’t dilute down the consistency of whatever lipstick I apply on top too much. In the case of matte lipsticks, I find it adds enough extra moisture that they don’t feel drying, often making the colour of a lipstick look more flattering on my lips.

In terms of moisturising power, it’s the kind of lip balm that works best from frequent reapplication, rather than something longer wearing like a lip mask. For my day-to-day routine, where I sit at my desk a lot and for long periods of time, this works great for me. However, if you’re looking specifically for a lip balm that you can wear overnight or not need to touch up throughout the day, I don’t think this is it. I have a different lip balm that functions as an overnight treatment, which I’ll be reviewing once I have more experience with it.

One of the things that I keep an eye on for lip balms is how long a single tube lasts, and this is no exception. I first started using this product 8th December 2018 according to my notes, so it has lasted a decent amount of time. I’m almost done with this lip balm, as I have to be careful not to twist it up too high or I can’t twist it back down. If I had to guess: I’d estimate I have at most 2 weeks worth of use left, if I was using it sparingly. I assume it’s closer to a week though, although I only use this when I know I don’t have a lipstick on, so it really depends on whether I wear lipstick much between now and whenever I use it up. Ultimately, a lip balm lasting a few months is a decent life span for me, so for a £5.50 retail price – unless you watch out for sales – this isn’t an unreasonable price tag for me. I will always be happier to find more affordable options, however The Body Shop have sales so often – with the Vitamin E line usually included – that I think this is worth a look at if you’re looking for a day-to-day lip balm that you can keep in your makeup bag.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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