Review: The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment

The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment

Happy Wednesday! Today I want to talk about a product I’ve been using for about a month or so now, which is The Body Shop Clarifying Night Treatment. My bottle is in the old packaging, and doesn’t seem to be sold anymore. However, I still want to give my opinions on this product as you may come across this potentially somewhere, or The Body Shop could bring this product back, who knows? (I certainly don’t.) I picked this up for £1.50 when The Body Shop was switching from the old packaging you see in my photo above, to the new packaging you might be more familiar with. So for such an affordable price, I decided to pick this up to see if this was any good for my skin.

So to start off, as the name implies, I use this in my night time skincare routine, as the last step before eye cream and acne treatments. I think the name is a little bit misleading: while it calls itself a “treatment”, I use this as a moisturising step. I use this on my T-zone area as this is the oiliest area of my face, although I would extend this across my inner cheeks near my nose in the summer time as my pores are quite large there and prone to oiliness as well. However, since the weather started to cool down when I started using this product, I find it’s best for my T-zone since my cheeks aren’t as oily right now. I worry that using too many oil-tackling skincare products will over-dry my cheeks out, which is why I’m refraining from it at the moment. This product is from the Seaweed line of skincare, and personally my favourite as it’s the line I find agrees with my skin the most consistently. I’ve used products from the Vitamin E, Tea Tree and Aloe lines as well, but I’ve had mixed experiences with these lines, particularly with the tea tree line, which can either work nicely for my skin or be a bit too harsh. The seaweed line however is designed for combination and oily skin, and I find that this slightly milder approach to tackling oil is what works better for my oily-sensitive skin.

Unfortunately as the product is discontinued, I don’t have an official description of the product to draw upon other than what’s on the front of the bottle:

“Balances excess oil as it moisturises.”

Short and simple, this is sums up what a lot of us with oily skin are looking for, myself included. I personally don’t need anything particularly fancy from my skincare, just efficient (and ideally affordable). I’m about halfway through this little bottle which has 15ml in it, so I find even for such a small bottle, it goes a long way.

The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment

Moving on to packaging: I love the pump dispenser, which has a nice resistance when you pressed down, that allows control over how much product you dispense. I find this really helps me put my favourite “a little goes a long way” policy to work with this product as I can dispense enough that I need for individual sections of my face. This is usually split into forehead, nose and chin, and this works great for applying an even layer of the product over my skin.

The cap also has a satisfying click when you put it on, and takes considerable effort to separate from the bottle, which reassures me that it’s safe for travel. This did travel with me during the move, where I stayed with my parents for one night the night before we moved as I needed to travel to our new apartment ahead of the movers. In spite of being crushed against my other skincare bottles, tubes, books and clothes in my suitcase, the cap remained on the bottle so I can vouch for this product being travel-friendly. The size of the bottle is another really positive factor for traveling, as it takes up very little space. The bottle and the cap together are slightly larger than the size of my palm, although it’s worth bearing in mind that I have small hands.

The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment

As far as the formula goes, it’s a gel that behaves very watery once you smooth it over the skin. A little really goes a long way, and a blob about half the size of my pinky’s nail is enough to smooth over the individual sections of my face that I described earlier. It does leave a slight sheen over the skin after initial application, but it quickly absorbs into the skin into a mattified appearance. Since this is a night time product, this isn’t a factor that bothers me too much, only that it absorbs quickly as I sometimes do my skincare as one of the last things I do at night, before brushing my teeth. So while the gel does absorb quickly and mattify the skin, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable or over-drying, which has been great.

One part of the claim on the front of the bottle is that is moisturises the skin, which I find myself inclined to agree with. While it doesn’t have the same satisfying feeling as other skincare products do in terms of hydration, I find my skin takes longer to become oily, and that in itself makes my skin feel much more comfortable. It also leaves my skin feeling smooth once it dries down, which only incentivises me more to use it.

As far as clarifying the skin goes, I haven’t really noticed a significant difference. However, my skin feels much more tamed and I don’t wake up with such an oily T-zone as I do when I don’t use this product. So while I haven’t noticed a significant difference in the texture or appearance of my pores, my skin’s behaviour is a noticeable change.

While I haven’t tried this myself, I do get curious how this product would behave in a day time routine, as a moisturiser and primer type of step. I hesitate mostly because while the product does absorb relatively quickly into the skin, I find it requires enough time that it’s not convenient in a morning routine where time might be more precious. The texture, while quite watery when smoothed out, is still thick enough to be true to being a “treatment” product as well, rather than a lighter moisturiser that I would normally rationalise as a potential primer step. If you’ve tried this before, I’d love to hear about your experiences.

Overall, I really like The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment, and if it were still available to purchase, I would definitely consider repurchasing it. While this product specifically is discontinued, it’s renewed my interest in the seaweed line, and I want to try more of the products again.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it really means a lot to me to receive your support. I plan to have another post up on Friday, so I hope you’ll keep an eye out for it. Until then, I hope you are happy and healthy.

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