Review: The Body Shop Camomile Fresh Micellar Water

The Body Shop Camomile Fresh Micellar Water

Happy Monday! As the new week dawns, let me first apologise for a fairly lengthy absence. I’ve moved home (I know, again!) and have also welcomed a little puppy into my home. These two very hectic things combined have really absorbed a lot of my time and energy, but now that I’ve had some time to settle in and settle her in, I want to get back to my normal routine.

I like to review skincare on Mondays, so we can start the work week off thinking about pampering and caring for our skin, so I want to talk about The Body Shop Camomile Fresh Micellar Water, which I’ve been trying out since the 23rd of November. I usually wait to review products, allowing at least a month’s use, but I have roughly 1/3 to half of the bottle left, so I want to give my opinions before I run out.

So from only a couple of weeks of use, I’m a bit disappointed that I’ve worked through this 250ml so fast. I try to make sure I don’t over-pour the product, but sometimes I do get a bit enthusiastic. So that’s partially my fault.

There aren’t any claims to discuss on the bottle, but the product page includes the following:

“In one quick, effortless step, gently and efficiently remove make-up while cleansing skin with our refreshing, 100% vegetarian formula. Enriched with Community Trade camomile oil from Norfolk, it removes make-up and impurities without rubbing or rinsing and leaves skin feeling cleansed, soft and soothed.”

So there isn’t a lot to discuss, but it’s aimed at sensitive skin. Chamomile is known to be quite nourishing, as it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This is a product I’ve eyed up in my local The Body Shop store quite a lot over the past few months, but didn’t reach for. But I knew I was going to run out of my previous micellar water fairly soon, so I decided to take the plunge.

It retails for £10.00 at full price, for 250ml of product. This isn’t terrible value for money, but as I pointed out earlier, I’m working through this shockingly quickly. I’m not sure if I’ve just been consistently over-enthusiastic so that’s something to bear in mind.

The Body Shop Camomile Fresh Micellar Water

The packaging itself is a very conventional and recognisable bottle from The Body Shop, including a hard plastic cap you flick up, with a hole in the lid to pour the product out. The cap is very robust, with some resistance when opening it. I’m confident that if this fell on the floor, it won’t pop open and spill the micellar water everywhere. This has become even more important to me, as I have a 3 month old puppy who investigates anything and everything, and I don’t want to risk her licking anything she shouldn’t. It’s also reassuring to know that if I did hypothetically travel with it, there’s a really low risk to spillages inside of a suitcase.

In terms of performance, this cleans away both eye makeup and my face makeup really well. I haven’t tested this on mascara, as I don’t typically wear mascara on a regular basis. It’s also partially because I use it for face and eyes that I assume I’m working through the product so fast.

So typically, I’ll use a cotton round soaked in the micellar water for each eye to remove my eye makeup. I’ll then take a cotton swab and pour a small amount to help clean away around the eyes that are a little tricky for the cotton round to get to. My lash-line and inner corners come to mind, as I like to line my eyes and highlight my inner corners. For my face, I soak a cotton round and gently wipe over my face. I typically repeat this step, where the second cotton round is usually fairly clean, and then my cleansing step is done.

Overall, this is a decent product, but not one I feel compelled to repurchase because I’m working through it so quickly. While there are lot more expensive products out there, spending £10.00 on a semi-frequent basis is not something I’m interested in doing. I also want to test out other cleansing products like it, so for now I’m content to keep window shopping.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. It really means a lot to me to receive your support. If you’re curious to see updates of my puppy, Kiki, I’ve created an Instagram account just for her, where I share photos of her adventures.

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