Review: Tea Tree Nose Strips

Today I want to review a type of product that for many years has caused my proverbially scratch my head. These are pore strips, which I’ve always found to be kind of unusual. The basic aim of these strips are to pull out the gunk from your pores, and as a result clear out any blackheads or minor impurities in the skin. The idea in itself is awesome: I know I’m not the only one who has this on-going battle with blackheads, and if a product can help get rid of them, then I want to try them out. What seems strange to me about pore strips is just how effective can these really be? I mean, they sit on the skin and seemingly ‘tug’ blackheads out as much as they can. But how can this be truly effective? Surely there’s more gunk in the pores they can’t get out?

Tea Tree Nose Strips  
But, like so many other bloggers, I like to test out products, so this time it’s the Tea Tree Nose Strips, which I found in Superdrug for £3.99. I’m personally not the biggest fan of this brand, as their products have irritated my skin before, but I wanted to try these anyway, since not all of their products cause irritation for my skin. The product has 5 sets of strips, so not a bad price for the number of strips you get.

The basic idea is that you apply the strips to wet/damp skin, so the strip clings to the skin and latches on to the gunk inside your pores. You generally have to wait about 10-15 minutes, or until the strip hardens (think of paper mâché), and then carefully and as gently as possible, pull the strip off. This can feel uncomfortable, so I suggest either pulling very slowly at a pace that doesn’t hurt, or if you’re more daring (more than me for sure) then rip it off like a wax strip, although this is not what I would do. Once you have peeled the strip off, if there was anything to be pulled off, you’ll probably see the black and white gunk on the strip, which I don’t know about you, is satisfyingly gross.

Tea Tree Nose Strips

While the strips did pull some gunk from my pores – don’t worry, I didn’t take photos of that – it wasn’t enough for me to say my pores were “deeply cleansed”. They certainly cleared up some of my pores, but I would rather use a mud mask for clearing my pores.

Overall, this isn’t a terrible product. I definitely don’t plan on buying this again. I think, if I am going to use pore strips, I’ll try experimenting with other brands. However, I do prefer using face masks, and look forward to reviewing some of those too.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, it really means the world to me. If you think you might like my other posts, I would love it if you would consider reading my other posts. If you’ve tried out pore strips yourself, I’d love to hear about your experience with them.

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  1. Cassie says:

    Have you tried the biore nose strips? I find they work quite well 🙂

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