Review: Superdrug Simply Pure Gentle Eye Make-up Remover

Superdrug Simply Pure Gentle Eye Make-up Remover

Happy Monday, to kick off a new week, I want to talk about an affordable skincare product that’s been keeping my skin sane lately. This is the Superdrug Simply Pure Gentle Eye Make-up Remover, which I picked up and put in my routine shortly after trying out the Superdrug Optimum Phytohydrate Anti-Dehydration Birch Water Micellar Tonic, (which I’ve reviewed recently if you’re curious) which I found was too intense to use on my eyes. So this eye makeup remover was a purchase I made to fit around my routine’s gap in my skin’s needs. I don’t recall using this product in the past – although I am prone to forgetting, so I picked this up not sure if this would be sensitising for my eyes or not, but the product retails for £2.99 at full price. So it wasn’t a purchase that would hurt my bank account very much to try it.

The product claims to be designed specifically for sensitive skin however, so while I was looking through my local Superdrug trying to find an eye makeup remover that would hopefully not sting my eyes, this is one that stood out to me because it tailors specifically for sensitive skin types. It claims to be hypoallergenic and be fragrance free. My skin specifically isn’t sensitive to fragrance as far as I’m aware, but my nose can be to some scents, so knowing it likely won’t bother me is a plus in itself.

Superdrug Simply Pure Gentle Eye Make-up Remover

As far as claims on the ‘back’ of the bottle go, I’ll quote them here:

“Simply Pure – Simply Effective

Developed purely for sensitive skin, Simply Pure products are mild, gentle and 100% fragrance free.


Dermatologically Approved

Simply Pure Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover is designed to gently but effectively remove all types of eye make-up, even waterproof mascara. Enriched with moisturising Glycerin and calming Soothex, the non-greasy formula will leave the eye area feeling clean and refreshed.”

To sum up, it aims to be simple and effective which is what my eye area needs as it’s the most sensitive area of my face. I have no idea what Soothex is on their claims, but I’ve seen it on other product descriptions of theirs that I’ve tried as well, so its a consistent part of this line of products.

As far as the packaging goes, it’s a simple plastic bottle with a plastic twist cap. The cap is easy to twist and open up, but it has enough initial resistance that it shouldn’t pop off if you drop the bottle on the floor. The bottle itself is relatively petite in size, and one I’d consider traveling with, although if you plan to travel abroad I’d transfer some into a smaller travel bottle just to reduce the amount of bulk you’re traveling with. If I had to compare, it’s in comfortably in between the size of a standard makeup remover bottle and a travel bottle. The packaging is also recyclable although they do state on the packaging that the cap will be dependent on your local recycling centre’s policy.

For application, I’ll pour a decent amount to soak a cotton round. I’ll then press the cotton round on my eyelid for around 15-20 seconds, then press gently to wriggle it over the eyelid gently to help pick up any initial eye makeup. Then I’ll swipe over the eyelids as necessary to remove as much of it as possible. For any remaining eyeliner or eyeshadow that’s stubbornly sticking around – for me this is usually around my eyelashes – I’ll grab a cotton bud and soak it in the makeup remover, then work at gently swiping it over my lids until the remaining makeup is gone. This process can take anywhere between 2 minutes to 5 minutes, but this is often times dependent on whether I’m being lazy or persistent.

As far as the formula goes, it’s a water-based makeup remover that removes most non-waterproof makeup very easily. This is most of the eyeshadows in my collection and my brow makeup, as well as some of the eyeliners. My most-used eyeliner, the GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Liner is a waterproof formula and is what starts to give this eye makeup remover trouble. This is typically the makeup product that makes me need to pull out the cotton buds to work at removing makeup from my eyelashes as it’s more stubborn to remove. However, with patience and gentle hands, this makeup remover does remove all of my eye makeup.

Whether you consider this a pro or a con is up to personal preference, for me this doesn’t bother me the majority of the time, and since it doesn’t irritate the skin around my eyes even when I have to use cotton buds on my skin. Ultimately I don’t see a major con even on lazy days when I don’t particularly want to put in the extra effort, as I’m more concerned about my skin’s sensitivity.

Overall, it’s been a great product to supplement the gap in my skincare routine. It’s very affordable and does its job well which are two factors that are great in combination. Whether I’ll repurchase this will depend on whether the next makeup remover I try next needs an eye makeup remover to go alongside it or not. Ultimately I prefer to use fewer skincare products to keep my routine simple and efficient, but I don’t mind adding the extra step if my overall makeup remover does its job well for the majority of my face.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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