Review: Superdrug Optimum PhytoFreeze Ice Wine Eye Cream

Superdrug Optimum PhytoFreeze Ice Wine Eye Cream

Happy bank holiday Monday! On this restful day, I want to maintain this theme of restfulness, by talking about my current night time eye cream. This is Superdrug Optimum PhytoFreeze Ice Wine Eye Cream, which retails for £12.99 at full price. I purchased mine while it was sale (although I can’t remember exactly how much I paid) so if you’re interested in this product but feeling put-off by the price, this is something to bear in mind.

As this is a Superdrug own-brand, it’s cruelty-free, and features the leaping bunny logo on the box and the back of the tube. So if you’re a fellow cruelty-free consumer, you can consider this product an option if you’re in the market for an eye cream.

Superdrug Optimum PhytoFreeze Ice Wine Eye Cream

Like always, I want to address the claims this product makes before talking about my experiences. I have photographed various parts of the box, but I’ll quote them for you as well:

Who is this range for?

The Superdrug Optimum PhytoFreeze range consists of specially formulated product that provide an instant anti-wrinkle effect by helping to tighten, intensively moisturise and refresh the skin.

What is PhytoFreeze Eye Cream?

PhytoFreeze contains a unique active ingredient Vin-upLift based on premiuem Swiss Ice Wine producted from naturally frozen ripe grapes. Vin-upLift is rich in sugars and polysaccharides and has an instant listing and long-lasting moisturising effect on the skin. This helps to minimise the appearance of fine lines and promotes a smooth, refreshed and youthful-looking complexion.”

To really sum this up, this comes across as your standard anti-wrinkle eye cream. They use the phrases “vin-upLift” and refer to Swiss ice wine, but honestly that falls on deaf ears with me so I’m not sure what they’re trying to convey there. So personally, I approached this eye cream with the same level of expectations as I do with any other cosmetic product.

Superdrug Optimum PhytoFreeze Ice Wine Eye Cream

The claims continue:


Skin feels cushioned. Skin appears visibly lifted and firmer.

After 1 week:

Skin is replenished and looks fresher. Skin appears smoother.

After 4 weeks:

Fine lines appear noticeably minimised. Skin looks more youthful.”

One of the things I don’t see often on the packaging for products is a timeline like this. I didn’t really have this timeline in mind while testing this product (I keep all boxes of products until I review them, but they’re in a separate box out of the way) so I will only vaguely refer to this timeline later when talking about my experiences.

Superdrug Optimum PhytoFreeze Ice Wine Eye Cream

Lastly, they also talk about some key ingredients:

Vin-upLift is an exquisite Ice Wine produced using a unique fermentation from naturally frozen ripe grapes. It helps provide a skin lifting effect and intense hydration for a smoother, youthful-looking and radiant appearance.

Acetyl Dipetide helps stimulate elastin synthesis to fight against skin sagging and improve skin’s resistance to gravity.

Olive Oil helps protect against premature skin ageing and provides intensive nourishment to the skin.

Vitamin E helps to shield the skin against environmental damage and premature skin ageing by combating the harmful effect of free radicals.

Pro-Vitamin B5 is renowned for its moisturising and conditioning effect on the skin.”

To summarise, there are a handful of key ingredients tailored to moisturise and protect the skin. The ingredient that I’m most familiar with is Vitamin E, which is very popular in skincare and often headlines the name of a lot of skincare lines tailored for normal to dry skin. While the side of the box did explain what “vin-upLift” is, I think they expected me to feel more excited about the concept of ice wine that I actually was. I’m also familiar with olive oil as a particularly nourishing ingredient, but it’s not one I see often. So the product sets itself up to be an intensively nourishing product.

Superdrug Optimum PhytoFreeze Ice Wine Eye Cream

As far as packaging goes, it’s a plastic tube with a plastic cap and metal applicator. It has a very luxury appearance, although sadly recycling the packaging is either up to your local recycling or not recyclable at all in the case of the tube. I will be recycling the box however, so that’s something at least. It is disappointing that this luxury packaging came at the cost of being able to recycle it after you use it up.

The packaging is really easy to work with though, and being 15ml of product, it’s not a large tube either. It’s very convenient for travel because of the size, which is helped even further because the cap has a satisfying resistance to it before it twists open. It gives me confidence that it won’t just pop off if dropped or crushed inside a suitcase.

Superdrug Optimum PhytoFreeze Ice Wine Eye Cream

According to my notes, I’ve been using it since late February 2019, so I have over a month’s use. I was initially using this alongside my Lanoliné Ultra Firming Eye Créme, which I’ve written a first impression on. However, after a few weeks of using them together, I noticed I was seeing one of my under-eyes develop clogged ‘pores’ so I decided to put the Lanoliné product in my benched skincare box the foreseeable future.

To compare the two formulas, this is the lighter of the two, and I initially applied this one first and then the Lanoliné eye cream on top. This turned out to be too much for my skin as I just described, and I decided that since summer time is coming up, this would be more appropriate to use for the current climate here in the UK.

On its own, it hydrates my eyes enough for the spring time. As time is going by, the clogged areas of my under-eyes are slowing healing and fading, so I’m confident that on its own this is enough for my skin. My skin doesn’t feel dry the majority of the time unless my skin has an allergic reaction or irritated. I enjoyed how nourishing this was, but it has a tendency to be slow to absorb and I tend to apply it on the under-eyes and eyelids, then tap gently until it’s absorbed. If I don’t do this I find that some of the creamy texture of the eye cream lingers on my skin, and it leaves my eyelids and under-eyes feeling a bit tacky. I don’t mind having to make the extra effort to help the formula absorb as it is my night time eye cream, and my night time routine is when I like to do facial massage alongside breathing exercises to help wind my brain down for sleep.

I don’t consider this eye cream to be exceptional by any means, but it does do its job well for my skin so it’s not one I’m unhappy with either. If caught out without a backup and I need to find something reliable I know my skin will agree with, this is definitely an option for me. However, there are a lot of eye creams on the market I haven’t tried yet, so I don’t plan to repurchase this eye cream for the time being.

If you’re looking for an eye cream that is nourishing but not an extremely thick formula, this is definitely one to consider. Because of the price, I encourage you to wait until Superdrug has a sale or offer to make it more comfortable for your wallet.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope your bank holiday weekend has been restful and enjoyable, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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