Review: Superdrug Oat & Coconut Intensive Hand Cream

Superdrug Oat & Coconut Intensive Hand Cream

Happy Friday, to welcome in the weekend, I want to talk about a product that’s as nourishing for my hands as the weekend will hopefully be for the rest of me. This is the Superdrug Oat & Coconut Intensive Hand Cream, which as the name implies, is an own-brand product exclusive to Superdrug stores.

It retails at full price for £4.99, and the tube contains 75ml of product. Superdrug is a Leaping Bunny certified brand, so you can take comfort in knowing the product isn’t tested on animals. It’s also suitable for vegetarians and vegans, making it very friendly to people of various lifestyles, diets and preferences. The product also claims to have a shelf-life of 12 months, so you can be reassured you have quite a while to work through the product before you can expect to start going bad.

The packaging with the exception of the hard-plastic cap is widely recycled, which is wonderful. If you are interested if you can recycle the plastic cap, the packaging indicates you should check your local recycling facilities for what they process.

Superdrug Oat & Coconut Intensive Hand Cream

As far as claims go, it claims to:

“Superdrug Oat & Coconut Intensive Hand Cream provides 24 hour moisturisation with the help of Coconut Milk and active colloidal Oatmeal. This fast-absorbing formula will help to improve the condition of dry skin in just 2 weeks. Skin will be left feeling soft immediately after use and more protected from dryness.”

When I picked this up at my local Superdrug store in Bristol, my hands were struggling phases of dryness on my wrists, and intermittent eczema on the back of my hands. I don’t know what causes it, but I was eager to find a hand cream that could help combat the dryness on my knuckles. I didn’t really have any specific expectations about combating my eczema, but if it would help prevent it from getting worse, I was at least going to be appreciative of that.

Having tried a home-made treatment of using oatmeal on my skin when I was university, I was aware of the skincare benefits of oatmeal, with some vague recollections of the research I did at that time. Coconut is another ingredient that’s fairly well-known for being good for dry skin, so seeing these two ingredients paired together wasn’t shocking or enlightening to me. It did get me a feeling of reassurance though that there was a reasonable chance it would help my skin though, as my skin has had positive reactions to oatmeal.

The only major issue I want to point out in terms of the ingredient list, is that there is Parfum in the top half of the list, so if you’re sensitive to perfume in skincare, this is something to bear in mind. However, I haven’t had any irritation from this formula, and I don’t notice a distinct scent, artificial or otherwise. Use your own personal experience to make the right judgment for your individual needs, as I’m not reliably sensitive to perfume.

Superdrug Oat & Coconut Intensive Hand Cream

The packaging is your standard plastic tube, with a cap you push open. You squeeze the product out of a hole that I’d described as a medium size. It’s easy to work with, and the cap has enough resistance when opening it that I don’t get worried it’ll burst open if I accidentally drop it on the floor, or I want to travel with it.

I really like the design on the front with the oat grain pattern, it signifies natural, fresh and organic to me. As I’ve talked about in the past on my blog, the aesthetic design rarely deters me from a product, as I care more about it being ergonomic, but I do appreciate the thought and creativity put into it.

Superdrug Oat & Coconut Intensive Hand Cream

The formula itself is fairly unique compared to other hand creams I’ve tried: it’s very much a gel formula, but it’s on the more dense side without being ‘heavy’. It’s easy to smooth over the skin, but there is some ‘weight’ to it as you smooth it over your hands. It was quite an interesting experience at first, and initially I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. My general rule with products is I love light-weight formulas, but as I gave this hand cream more time, it really grew on me.

What really won me over is that although it has the weight to it that I described above to begin with, as you begin to massage it into the skin, it smooths over in a way like it’s melting into a really light layer on the hands.

I apply this is two parts on each hands: one pea size amount for the back of my hands, and another that’s marginally smaller for the underside of my wrists. I take one portion at a time and massage them into the skin, and I find that it helps keep the application light-weight and quicker to absorb into the skin. By applying it this way, my hands don’t feel greasy, which is a major pet peeve with a lot of hand creams, as I feel like I can’t go about my normal business until it absorbs fully. I work from my PC every day, so to be able to grab this when I need it and not worry about putting my work on-hold, is especially ideal for me.

In terms of performance, this is a hand cream that gave me a huge sense of relief. After the first few days, the dryness on my wrists eased up quite significantly, to a point where I only need to apply hand creams every few days at a push. My eczema did also clear up, but I don’t know how much this is just it clearing up on its own, or if the hand cream helped. However, the key observation is that I haven’t noticed any other flare-ups since, so in the least, I’m seeing relief which I am extremely grateful for.

I’m quite flabbergasted that I love this hand cream as much as I do, especially for how inexpensive it is compared to a lot of other hand creams on the market. If I can find this again in my new local Superdrug store when I get close to running out, I will definitely repurchase, and I’m very curious to put this cream to the test when the weather cools down. If you’re in a pinch and looking for something that feels nourishing, I think this is 100% worth looking into, especially for a fairly affordable price tag.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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