Review: Superdrug Naturally Radiant Brightening Eye Cream 15ml

Back when I first started developing my skin care routine I picked up this little guy: Superdrug’s own brand eye cream as my first step in experimenting with eye creams. I personally wasn’t sure where to start back then, but I want to review this product since it has been in my routine for a while.

The eye cream is part of Superdrug’s skin care range aimed at dull skin, which has other products like a moisturiser, exfoliating scrub, etc. I picked up the eye cream since although I don’t have extremely bad dark circles (not until half term at least when the stress gets to me) I wanted something that could give my eye area a pick-me-up if my sleep routine has suffered.


In Superdrug you can pick this up for £5.99 although I picked this up while it was reduced at £2.98. Hey, I’m at uni, I don’t have a large amount of extra money to spend. If you’re just starting out with your own skin care routine, this is a cheap first step if you’re thinking about buying an eye cream to try out.


The product is a tube which you squeeze to dispense the cream. The cream isn’t too thick, which I personally like. It’s easy to smooth out with your fingers. I suggest using your ring or little finger; the ring finger is generally considered the most gentle, and I also use my little finger since the small fingertip means I’m less likely to smooth any of the cream into my eye by accident.

The eye cream emphasises the use of mulberry and kiwi as key ingredients in the cream to “brighten and smooth the eye area and help reduce signs of fatigue”. This sounds like what you want from an eye cream.

As far as how it works on the skin, I haven’t found it to be irritating on the sensitive skin of my eye area. Particularly as the skin around the eye area is thinner and more sensitive than the skin on the rest of the face.

I can’t say it’s a miracle product. My dark circles don’t fully disappear, although I think that’s a lot to expect of any eye cream (no matter how much or how little you pay). It does make my eye area feel moisturised though, which is a lovely feeling when you’ve just woken up, since I sometimes wake up with my eyes feeling tight and uncomfortable. Also I want to make you aware that I use this as my morning eye cream and a separate one for night time.

I think for how much product you’re given, 15ml, it’ll last you a while. I’m roughly half way through the tube and have been using this for around 3-4 months. I use this sparingly since I don’t feel I need to use a lot at once. Usually the equivalent of a pea sized amount is enough to smooth over my under eye area and by the inner eye area. However, this may depend on how large your dark circles are. My advice is to use a small amount and see if it’s enough, and if you need more to cover your dark circles, then build up the cream.

Overall, I think this is a nice eye cream. It’s not a mind-blowing, amazing product, but it does help if you have minor dark circles. However, I do need to conceal my dark circles if they are bad, so this is something to consider. It does work well as a basic moisturiser for the eye area, since standard moisturisers can be too heavy and won’t absorb quickly. Will I buy it again? At the moment, no. I have other eye creams I want to try out, however, if I forget to bring my eye cream on a visit to my parents, etc, I would definitely pick this up as a cheap back up.

Have you tried this eye cream before? Or does this make you think about wanting to try it? I would love to hear your ideas.

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