Review: St Ives Timeless Skin Facial Scrub

St Ives Timeless Skin

Hello! Today I’m reviewing a skincare product that I’m surprised I haven’t reviewed sooner. This is the St. Ives Timeless Daily Microdermabrasion facial scrub, which has been sat in my shower for the six or so months. I’ve been using this every time I shower, so I have plenty of experience to talk about this product. I picked mine up in my local Boots, but you can find this in Superdrug as well, although for some reason, it’s not actually listed on either company’s websites right now. I have previously reviewed the St. Ives Olive Scrub, but today I want to talk about this one as it’s a bit different from the Apricot line of scrubs I personally don’t get along with.

So, what is this scrub about? Well it claims to “reveal[s] younger looking, refined skin” using “100% natural exfoliants”, so it’s supposedly suitable for daily exfoliation. As someone who has skin that becomes flaky or congested quite erratically, I like the idea of a scrub that is gentle enough to use more than two or three times a week, so I’m not stuck with uncomfortable or uneven skin but my scrub is too harsh to use it more often than I need to. This is what I found really problematic about their apricot line of scrubs – particularly where some left my skin red and sore.

St Ives Timeless Skin

The scrub itself is very fine, and is definitely telling the truth in regards to “micro” sized exfoliants. The front of the tube claims they’re fine mineral crystals, and I definitely didn’t find these too abrasive. If anything, because it’s so fine, I can adjust the pressure when massaging this in to my damp/wet skin depending on where I need to give the most attention. For example, if my cheeks don’t need much attention, I can massage gently, but my nose or chin which struggles with blackheads and acne, I can apply extra pressure to really target those areas. In the six or so months I’ve been using this, I haven’t had any issues with irritation, which is honestly where I’m impressed. Strangely, I enjoy the slight ticklish sensation it leaves over my face as I exfoliate my skin: it’s extremely gentle but I still know that my skin is being treated. It’s easy to wash off, and I don’t have those sneaky granules stuck in my hair that scrubs with large exfoliants have done in the past.

I have a hit or miss relationship with St. Ives’ products as a whole, but of the two scrubs I do like, this one and the olive one I referred and linked to earlier, I very much love them. I rarely praise a product so much, as I’m always looking to be as honest and critical as possible, but this is one of the very few occasions where I’m not really upset by a product for a specific reason. Keeping these realistic though: I won’t call this a holy grail product, but it is definitely among the best scrubs I have tried. I still have bumps or flakiness, but I like that it does its job and makes a difference. It doesn’t irritate my skin or feel like a waste of product or time to use it. It’s just complementary and is something that doesn’t require hassle.

That’s why if I could find a suitable affiliate link, I would include one – but the ones I’ve found are insanely priced and I can’t vouch for £69.99 for 3 of these, when I paid roughly £3.99 for this single tube. I mean, seriously? However, I do vouch for this product as being suitable for any skin type, and if you are looking for a new scrub, I do advise looking into this one as an option.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, it really means the world to me. I will post another beauty related post on Friday, although I do have some art posts coming soon, so I hope you’ll keep an eye out for those too. Please take care, and I wish you all the happiness and health in the world.

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