Review: SOFNON Tsiao Calendula-Lavender Repairing Hand Cream

SOFNON Tsiao Calendula-Lavender Repairing Hand Cream

Happy Friday! To celebrate the bank holiday weekend rolling in, I want to talk about a product I’ve been trying out for a little while now. I recently purchased the SOFNON Tsiao Calendula-Lavender Repairing Hand Cream which I wrote about in my YesStyle Haul April 2019 post. I’ve been keeping this in my desk’s drawer since I hauled it, so I’ve been using it frequently since early April.

As I mentioned, I bought this during one of my recently purchases from YesStyle, and paid £6.57 for mine. I currently have a bronze membership with the site, so I don’t have the maximum discount, so this might vary for you depending on whether you use an active account (you can pay as a guest) and what level your active is.

As an actively cruelty-free consumer, this is a cruelty-free option and is verified on YesStyle’s site. Asian cosmetics can be a bit confusing to navigate in terms of their cruelty-free status, but YesStyle’s tick-box to filter cruelty-free brands is really helpful, and this brand falls into that category.

SOFNON Tsiao Calendula-Lavender Repairing Hand Cream

The product is packaged in a plastic box, with a metal tube and plastic twist cap. I’m used to hand creams being plastic tubes, so when I unpacked this from my YesStyle order, I was quite surprised by the metal tube. This isn’t really a negative thing, but it’s certainly unconventional. I don’t keep the plastic box itself at hand, and plan to recycle it shortly, and keep the tube in my desk in one of my partitions.

As far as size goes, it’s quite tall and slender, almost too tall to comfortable lie down in my desk, but fits just about. While it is travel-friendly in terms of width, I’d argue it’s not as travel-friendly because of its height, which will make it take up more space than a lot of other smaller hand creams. For example, The Body Shop’s hand creams or L’Occitane’s mini tubes. I keep one of The Body Shop’s hand creams in my bag at all times for when I’m out and about, and keep my SOFNON hand cream for my in-house hand-care needs.

SOFNON Tsiao Calendula-Lavender Repairing Hand Cream

The hand cream itself is a strange mix between a cream and a gel. It has a slightly slick texture to it, which let’s it smooth over the skin with ease. It does mean your hands are indisposed for about a minute or two until it sinks in, which is a nuisance for me as I work from my PC. It’s not completely intrusive by any means, but as I like to avoid getting grime on my mouse and keyboard, it does force me to pause what I’m doing. Because of this is does mean I don’t use this as often as I should because I tend to just push through whatever task I’m doing rather than stop to reapply on my hands when they need it. That’s ultimately up to me to fix my behaviour, so there’s some shared accountability there.

As far as performance goes, it does help keep my hands hydrated. In spite of being in spring now, my hands are still experiencing dryness and flaking. This does help to alleviate some of the dryness, but I don’t find it’s as nourishing as the Palmer’s Shea Butter Formula with Vitamin E Concentrated Cream, which I used as a hand cream and reviewed recently.

I wouldn’t use this during the winter time when my hands aren’t just dry but also developing eczema, but for warmer months, this does work for general upkeep. I think this will work a lot better during summer time, but I was surprised that I still get dryness even though it’s spring now. I’m not sure if it’s the hand cream not being nourishing enough or something else playing into it, but it’s worth bearing in mind.

Will I repurchase it? If it were available in-stores where I can just pick it up and take it home, I would. However, if I need a hand cream, it’s more convenient to go to a local Boots or Superdrug store and browse the options there. I don’t regret purchasing this product at all and do plan to use it up, but having to wait at least a week after shipping for something like a hand cream just isn’t convenient for me. I think if you’re looking to meet the minimum for free shipping in your currency and not sure what to pick, I do think this is worth a try, but I don’t think it’s something to go actively out of your way for otherwise.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. It was exciting to write a review of one of my YesStyle purchases, and look forward to writing about more of them as time goes on. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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