Review: Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Body Lotion

Soap And Glory Body Lotion

I’ll be honest, if there’s one product I am terrible at remembering to use, it’s a body lotion or moisturiser. I suppose it comes down to how much I hate the greasy feeling of most body lotions that I have tried before, and with oily skin on both my face and body, I’m filled with dread thinking about making my body feel greasy and uncomfortable. However, I need to teach a habit of applying body lotion on a regular basis, and the one I have been keeping on my desk is the Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Body Lotion. I have the travel size version which is around 50ml of product, which is more than enough for me to try this product out and talk about it with you guys.

Soap And Glory Body Lotion

First thing’s first, I picked this up in Boots from their travel section of products, since I didn’t want to spend money on the full size product if it turned out I didn’t like how it worked with my skin. However, at full price, you can find this retailed in Boots for £10.00, and the travel size for £2.50. Honestly, I think this is a decent price to pay for a travel size product, especially as it can double up as a decently sized sample as well, depending on how you decide to purpose it.

Soap And Glory Body Lotion

The product itself is a creamy-gel formulation, which is very easy to smooth over the skin. I mostly use this just on my arms and very specifically on my elbows – since they seem to ALWAYS be dry and rough, although I have used it on my ankles a couple of times as well. I don’t really use it all over my body, but more as a topical treatment style of application.

From the product description on Boot’s website, this body lotion claims to:

Leave[s] skin softer, smoother and more supple! Conditions dry, flaky skin and reduces rough spots (on elbows, heels and knees).

On my skin, I noticed a significant difference to the texture of my arms after using this lotion on my skin on a semi-regular basis. My elbows are also significantly softer and less dry shortly after application, and if I do remember to use it on a regular basis, my elbows remain almost entirely soft. The texture of my skin resembles that just-shaved softness feeling which honestly has me addicted to this product. Why I don’t use it more, is beyond me. Personally, the claims I quoted above definitely work for the areas I do apply this product to. I am hesitant about using this on my shoulders, upper back etc, because this is where my body feels more congested and oily as my hair is medium-long in length and traps heat from my neck to my mid-back area. So I can’t comment on how this works on the entire body. But for me, body lotion is a product I don’t want to apply all over my body, but instead where I feel like I need it.

Overall, I think this is a really wonderful product. Short term and long term, this lotion softens and moisturises the skin – to the point where it feels like my skin as been magically replaced with skin that I am normally in awe of. I definitely want to purchase the full size of this product at some point, but I do have a massive stash of body moisturising products I need to trial and use up first. However, it is going on my mental list as a go-to product to rely on.

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