Review: Skin Lab Treatment Serum

Skin Lab Treatment Serum

Happy Monday! The new week has begun, and with it, here is a review of the Skin Lab Treatment Serum, which I’ve been waiting for the past couple of months to talk about. Like most of the more obscure skincare products in my routine, I picked this up from TK Maxx for £7.99, which is a pretty reasonable price, in my opinion, as you get 30ml of product. Skin Lab as a brand is entirely new to me, so I have no previous experience with their products, so not only was this product specifically very new to me, but the brand as a whole is too. On their website, it retails for $15.00, so roughly £10.00 (at the time of writing this post), so I still managed to get a good deal when I bought this in TK Maxx.

So the product itself is serum tailored for “firm[ing] and tone[ing]” the skin, with key ingredients to do this. These key ingredients are Vitamin C, collagen and elastin, which are common ingredients in a lot of skincare lines that focus on dry skin and/or anti-aging benefits. So to say I feel like this product is well designed for drier skin types doesn’t seem too presumptuous of me. However, if you are a long-term reader on my blog, then you know that I do not have dry skin, I have oily-sensitive skin so my expectations of this product are based around the benefits I hope to get from it.

So how do I incorporate this product into my own skincare routine? Knowing this is designed really well for drier skin types and with the term “treatment” in the name of the product, I have this set comfortably in my night time skincare routine as my dedicated serum. I typically tone with my COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Toner, use this serum and then follow up with the It’s Skin Aloe Relaxing Emulsion, which I have reviewed here. It’s the first layer of moisture I add to my skin at night time, as the formula is extremely light. I considered using this during my day time routine, but I dedicate more potent formulas for night time so my skincare can do it’s work while I sleep.

So off the bat, one claim I want to cast aside the claims it makes about anti-aging or firming. I can’t measure the effects of anti-aging on my skin – unless we get multi-universe devices for testing purposes, which honestly, would be really badass. I also can’t talk about ‘firming’ products as it’s not something my skin currently has issues with. I’m in my early-mid twenties, so my skin is simply not at a stage where it’s something I can accurately measure or talk about. What I want to focus on instead is the effects of the serum I can actually measure, which are the factors relating to hydrating the skin and helping the appearance of the skin overall.

Skin Lab Treatment Serum

I mentioned this in passing already, but the formula is extremely light weight. It’s more on the watery-creamy side, and is really easy to smooth over the skin. As you can see from my photo, the texture is a milky/cloudy colour, but it quickly smooths over the skin as a transparent serum.

Initially, I was disappointed by how light the texture was as I was convinced it was simply a poor formula, but I quickly changed my mind. What I’ve learned from using this product instead is that it benefits from the building up in layers process that you may have heard about in Korean skincare routines with toners. An old trend, but the process works here. If you’re not familiar with this routine, it is basically the process of applying your toner (or in this case, the serum) in layers, but applying one layer, let is set, then apply another and wait until you achieve the desired effect on the skin. Personally, I don’t find this to be necessary, one layer is enough for my oily-sensitive skin, but if you have drier skin, you may find this a great routine to blend when doing facial massage with this product as you can keep your skin comfortably lubricated for a good facial massage.

On the skin, I find this feels most refreshing when it’s cold, so if you live in a cold apartment like I do, or you make the habit of keeping some of your skincare products in the fridge, this is worth doing during the summer months to give your skin a cooling and refreshing sensation on the skin. As spring is slowly easing in here in the UK, I’m feeling the effects of this on those nights when the temperature stays warm. Or, if you’ve been unfortunate like me and have the flu, then the cooling sensation on feverish skin can be appreciated too when your cheeks, forehead, etc feeling hotter than a volcano.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this product, and can see myself using this up quite soon – hence finally talking about it today. I want to leave an affiliate link for this product, but I can’t find one, but I definitely advise this product for anyone who needs a hydrating serum with a super light weight formula. If you have easy access to this in the States, I encourage you to give this a look, but if you’re like me and can’t get hold of this easily in the UK and happen to see it, I also encourage you to give this a look if the price fits your budget.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my blog post. I hope to keep my routine of posting three times a week in check, but if I don’t post regularly this week, I apologise as I’m currently getting through the flu and a chest-related issue, which makes it difficult for me to do some of the work for this blog that I’d normally be more organised about. However, I aim to keep to my routine to the best of my ability, but I want to be fair with you as I think communication is key. In the meantime though, I hope you are happy and healthy, and I will speak to you soon.

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