Review: Simply Pure Refreshing Toner

Simply Pure Refreshing Toner
Hey there guys, I’m happily writing a review (another…) about another part of my skincare routine that’s almost ran out. Today, it’s the Simply Pure Refreshing Toner, which I’ve been using as part of my day time routine for the past few months. The photo above doesn’t do it justice as its lying horizontally, but I have almost used this up. I think I’ll add a photo to kind of illustrate this… This is a Superdrug own-brand, and this is part of their sensitive skin range, which you can buy at full price for £2.69. I am also using the cleanser from this range, which I might write about another time if anyone is interested.

Simply Pure Refreshing TonerI was drawn to this product because I’m tired of using toners that contain alcohol which dries out and in other cases causes mild irritation for my skin. So, a range of skincare intended for sensitive skin (which mine can be) seemed ideal.

Simply Pure Refreshing Toner 
Off the bat, I can say I have had no irritation whatsoever with this toner. It’s very easy to use too – I simply pour some on a cotton pad and gently wipe over my skin. I find this is great for cleaning off excess cleanser and helps soften my skin.

For my oily skin, I find this doesn’t strip my skin so although it doesn’t combat oiliness, it doesn’t make it worse either. I’m quite happy about this since I’m trying to avoid over cleansing my skin while also trying to treat and nourish it. It’s also extremely affordable, which is great for anyone with a restricted budget. This has lasted me a few months as well, so it’s an investment you don’t need to make too often.

Overall, this a nice product that I’ve enjoyed having in my routine. If I’m not mistaken I think I have another bottle of this stashed away which I’ll use straight away. Otherwise, I do have a lot of other toners stashed away to try which I’ll use instead.

Thank you for reading my post. Hopefully you enjoyed reading it, and I would love to hear it about if you have any suggestions for future posts, or any questions about this product.

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