Review: Simply Pure Gentle Facial Wash

Simply Pure Gentle Facial Wash

Happy Monday! Today we’re talking about a bathroom staple in my routine, which is the Simply Pure Gentle Facial Wash. This has been sat in my bathroom for a couple of months now, so I wanted to share my experiences with it.

So Simply Pure is one of Superdrug’s own-brands, which is signified by the little star on the front of the tube. I’ve tried a couple of products from this brand, including the Micellar Water, their Refreshing Toner, among a few others. Like Superdrug’s other own-brands, these claim to be cruelty-free, as well as suitable for vegetarians and vegans. So if these are really important criteria for you, this is something I hope will give you some relief.

The facial wash itself retails for £2.99, which is extremely affordable compared to the rest of the market. So if you’re a teen just getting into skincare, or you have a tighter budget, or you just don’t like splurging a lot of money, I think this is worth considering just because the price tag is so low.

Simply Pure Gentle Facial Wash

In terms of claims, they’re fairly simple, and read as follows on the back of the tube:

“Developed purely for sensitive skin, Simply Pure products are mild, gentle and 100% fragrance free.

Simply Pure Gentle Facial Wash is designed to cleanse and refresh sensitive skin. Enriched with soothing Allantoin and calming Soothex, it will leave your skin feeling clean and soft.”

In between these two claims it also includes that it’s hypoallergenic and dermatologically approved. If you’re a long-term reader of my blog then you likely know that I have oily-sensitive skin.

While the former part of my skin is a huge concern to me, years of trialing skincare has helped me to understand that my skin doesn’t respond well to intensive skincare that aim to tackle oily-skin issues. Instead, gentler and milder skincare products tailored for sensitive skin is more effective, and my skin overall is much happier. So I picked this up with these claims about being gentle and mild in mind, as I don’t want to use a cleanser that might strip my skin too much.

This is a product that sits in my bathroom, which I use as part of my pre-shower routine. This is the first step in my routine, which helps clean away any overnight gunk that may have built up on my skin, so I can follow up with my current face masks to target specific skin concerns. This is important to bear in mind with this review, as I don’t use this as part of any other routine.

I’m very lazy and low maintenance, and avoid making excessive mess in my bathroom if I can avoid it. On the days I’m not showering, I’ll use a toner or cleansing water in place of this cleanser instead. This means I use this cleanser every other day, and not on a daily basis.

Simply Pure Gentle Facial Wash

The packaging is very simple and conventional: a plastic tube with a hard plastic cap. The soft plastic of the tube is fairly robust, and doesn’t feel as squishy or ‘flexible’ as some other tube packaging I’ve used in the past.

The hard plastic cap is also extremely robust, with resistance to it that reassures me the cap won’t burst or break open. With wet hands it can be a little tricky to open, but if I had to choose, I’d rather have it be trickier to open than too easy.

The cleanser itself dispenses from a hole in the cap, which is also conventional. I find that I have a lot of control of how much product I squeeze out of the tube, so I don’t find I really waste it.

Simply Pure Gentle Facial Wash

The formula itself is a gel-based texture, which I personally really enjoy using on my skin. The amount you see photographed above is a little bit more than I would typically use per application.

My normal routine is to squeeze a pea-sized-ish amount onto a rubber/silicone exfoliating pad, dampen it with a splash of water, then massage onto already-wet skin. Doing this, it lathers up really nicely, but it doesn’t over-lather to a point where I get worried I’ll breathe in product up my nose, or it’ll lather up into my eyes.

The gel itself is a medium-thick gel, but lathered with water with the method I just described, in small amounts it lathers into a nice light lather. This makes this a product that fits my beloved “a little goes a long way” mentality, which is a huge positive for me. So even though the product is so affordable, it’s going to last a very long time as well, which makes me so happy.

In terms of the effects on my skin, I don’t have a long window post-application to refer to, but in combination with my exfoliating pad, I find this really helps to prepare my skin for the masks I apply straight after.

My skin hasn’t had any negative reactions to this cleanser either. I wasn’t anticipating any negative reactions, but even during my latest sinus infection, which typically flares up my skin’s sensitivity to basically anything and everything, my skin hasn’t retaliated to this cleanser.

Overall, I’m really content with this cleanser, especially for such an affordable price tag. I don’t mind splurging on skincare from time to time, but if I can find reliable products at such a wallet-friendly price, I am not going to complain about it.

If you are new to skincare, have oily skin you’re struggling to tame, or just don’t want to spend a lot of money, I think this is worth trying for several weeks to see if it helps bring your skin into a more balanced state. Sometimes something simpler can be more impactful than a ton of intensive products, and that’s something that years of trialing has helped me learn. It may not necessarily work for everyone, but if you haven’t tried it, I suggest giving it a go, so you can rule it out.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post today, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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